36hp Briggs Caught of fire yesterday

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 123hotdog, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. 123hotdog

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    Mower has 92.1 hours on it. I pulled up to the truck and shut it off to air up tires. Immediately I decided to start it back up and put it on the trailer and just air up at the next stop. When I went to start mower engine turned over about six times but it didn't start. Out of the corner of my eye I seen fire. I don't mean it backfired. I been in business for years I know the difference. There was a ball of slow burning fire out of both exhaust openings the size of a basketball. I jumped of the mower and grabbed the fire extinguisher in truck to turn around and see that it was out. It burned long enough to leave burn marks all over sides of mower. It didn't get hot enough to bubble paint. I waited 30 minutes and started it. It ran fine all day with no problems. Piston Slapper? Restorob? Any thoughts. Was it operator error in some way. I've never had anything like this happen ever.:hammerhead:
  2. tigerepairdotcom

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    I'll tell similar experience of what happen I have seen this before a few times once on a 12.5 engine. Take the oil out of the engine. I will bet you the engine may be COMPLETELY full of oil and GASOLINE. WHAT HAPPEN THOUGH?

    You needle float is in the stuck open/leaking position. If you`re under warranty It is very important that you get a CERTIFIED briggs technician cert in advanced diagnosis to take carb apart. Take the carb apart and see why there is a leak in the needle seat. If the needle seat was installed crookedly from factory. That is warranty. If your needle is stuck from rust or corrosion you will pay out of pocket. Likely the machine was stored fot

    Reason not the customers fault that needle float can stuck open.
    1. Flaw in carb allowing fuel past needle float. If float is perfect and does not leak and gas can come through otherwise.

    2. I have seen factory damage on a fuel inlet needle return spring crushed on top not allowed to rest in the recess in the float.

    3. Flaws in manufacturing of parts in carb allowing fuel past
  3. piston slapper

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    BadBoy has had some issues with their wiring harnesses....
    An intermittent spark may have allowed the engine to flood and then ignite and cause a fire in the muffler..
    Check your oil level to see if the level is too high..if the carb flooded...you may have fuel in the crankcase...
  4. 123hotdog

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    I am going to change oil right now. I don't have an extra filter in shop, but at least I will get the gas out of most of the oil.
  5. Restrorob

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    I've seen this happen a time or two......

    I'd like to see this post...... How about a link ?
  6. Blade Runners

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    Does this happen on the EFI engines? Does it cause the fuel pump to keep running and not shut off? Just trying to learn a little something as I run efi engines too.
  7. Michael J. Donovan

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    ok guys, we can all give an opinion, advice, etc without having to take shots at one another

    thanks, we would appreciate it :waving:
  8. tigerepairdotcom

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    Truce message http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=413104&page=2 heres the message STOP RIGHT THERE, That's enough. We obviously are all qualified technicians. But I think we both have a chip on our shoulders, Let me take a step back and stop this foolishness. This is not jerry springer. I request we start all over again Rather than be enemies. We can confer and share out knowledge and do what we're here to do Help mechanics and landscapers with some mechanical knowledge. Truce?

    (Offers hand shake through Comp) Lets get back to helping people, eachother and get off eachothers toes. I came outta nowhere with my knowledge and i approached it the wrong way.
  9. piston slapper

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    Not sure..depenrds on the problem in the wiring harness....
    I've only seen it happen on powered ignition systems...no power to the coils..no spark..
    If you lost power to the ecu...the injectors prolly wouldn't pump fuel either....
  10. 123hotdog

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    I actually changed oil and filter. I was afraid to run it with only changing the oil and not the filter. The oil didn't look any different or smell like gasoline. I couldn't get the oil hot cause I was afraid to run it. So I let it drain all day while I mowed with another mower. I changed the oil this afternoon. It started right up and appears to be fine.:hammerhead: A local landscaper asked me if it was at full throttle when I shut it off. I told him I was sure it was. He told me that could have something to do with it:confused: If I have no issues in the next 50 hours I will post a follow up.

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