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36inch WB


LawnSite Member
Hello Lesco,

I posted this in the just starting section awhile back. I just bought a 36inch fixed deck wb (lesco) and am a little concerned. I love the mower, but it does not seem to cut as is desired.
My problem is that the cut is not low enough, and it doesnt seem to cut as clean as I would like it.
My setup has been as follows - front wheels 1 spacer below, 3 above (lowest it can be). Blade (4 down, 1 up) (lowest it can be -1), and the mower deck is connected at the lower holes. I realize that this can be moved to the upper for a slightly lower cut.
Measuring at the blades (front) my mower is 1/4-1/2 inches higher than the table of heights provided in the manuel. With this setting my blades are at 3.25". That is at a quarter inch higher then what it should be according to the book with another spacer on the front wheels at the same setting. So something is wrong.
The lowest possible I could get my mower with all blade spacers down, and no spacers at the front wheel (which is not recommended by the lesco book) would be MAYBE 2.75. The manual shows the length going down to 2 inches at the lowest.....Im way off and suffering because of it.
The perfect lawns look good at a 3 inch cut, but the not so nice lawns need to be cut lower (2.25-2.50) and I have no way of reaching that length.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Possibly something the dealer can fix?
Also I have had suggestions about using bigger spacer's on the blade, and buying new high lift blades. Obviously as you can probably guess I do not want to do that having bought a brand new mower. Please help!!!