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    ok...im kinda new to the lawncare...i have a 52inch dane and i want a 36inch walk behind for the hills that get torn up buy the dane and for gated areas....what do you all think a good 36inch mower is that is nice to use and what should the cost be?....this site has helped me lots ...but i sure hope you all are still comming on in the summer when i really need answers quik...thankyou all for all the great answers.
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    I have a Pro hydro Snapper that I like. Will cut bahia and St. Agustine.
  3. A 32&quot; would better suit your needs. A new<br>Toro/eXmark hybred with a 10.5 hp briggs<br>would be my choice if in needed a mower to<br>get thru gates.<p>You should be able to buy that unit for less<br>than $2K new. Don't spend the extra money on<br>the Kohler engine for you are never going to <br>put much hours on that small of a machine.
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    That really is good advise.<p>I've had quite a few properties that a 32&quot; could get in and a 36&quot; was too big.
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    scottlawns- I see on your profile that you are from MN..Where at? I am from up north by Walker.<p>----------<br>Bryan..Heartland Lawn Care<br>heartlandlawn@hotmail.com
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    Hi scottslawn are you the same scottslawn running around the northern metro suburbs<p>----------<br>Valhalla lawn and pool<br>
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    i live in eden prarie and do mostly western burbs.....thankyou for all the advise.i will go look at some 32in this week...not much plowing up in walker this year...i usally snowmobile up there,but that sport is getting tough with no snow anymore.
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    Taking the advise on a 32&quot; instead of a 36&quot; a step further, depending on how few gated areas you are dealing with - a commercial 21&quot; self-propelled Honda would be cheapest of all for you and may just do the trick. But assuming you've already got a 21&quot; mower then check your gates because there aren't too many that can't take a 36&quot; (on our list anyway). If the majority are too small...go with 32&quot;, stick with 21&quot;, or gradually replace these type lawns with ones that will accomodate the type machine you really want to be using day in and day out.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    I would have to say that cutntrim is dead on. I can usualy get a 36 into the back yards and those that you cant youll have to use a 21. Most of the dealers around me say they can count on one hand the # of 32 they have sold ever. I would also agree on the honda 21
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    Scottslawn,<br>I have a Great Dane 52&quot;. How do you like yours? Where are you located and do you see many people using Danes in your area?<br>Also, I don't have a walk behind, but I have looked at some. The best I have seen is the Toro with the T-Bar.<br>

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