36rh battery not charging

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    I have a 36rh that is not charging the battery how do you test the regulater. Only see 2 fuses and both are good
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    First you will want to take a voltage reading at the engine (yellow wire) to determine that the engine is putting out at least 13.5 volts. If not then the issue is usually the stator, if you get 13.5 then the issue is on the mower side. This can be checked by following the yellow wire through all its connections in the harness when you get to a connection where the voltage drops there is a problem at that connection. You should make sure all the connections are clean and that all the grounds are secure. The usual problem other than a bad connection in the harness is where the yellow wire connects to the key switch. This connection is by itself and not part of the main plug on the switch. Over time it can work itself loose and cause this issue. Make sure it is clean and slightly re-squeeze the female terminal end at this point and reconnect to the key switch.

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    Thank you, the yellow wire was melted at the switch.

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