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  1. 04TurfT

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    I have a couple of yards with fences that I can't get my 48 in. I was thinking about buying a 36 inch mower. My question is to all of you who have a 36, did you spend the extra bucks and get a hydro, or get a belt? I wouldnt be using the mower a whole lot, but I dunno if I'm too spoiled to ever go back to a belt drive.
  2. SEKscag

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    If its a tight space I'd go with the hydro. If it's a grass that you can't turn on a dime I'd go with a hydro. Basically I'd just go with a hydro.;)
  3. nobagger

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    Last year we bought a 36" Emark Metro HP, its been a great mower but looking back I should have went hydro and bought a TTHP 36":hammerhead:
  4. MTR

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    Hydro all the way. Based on experience, I really say that hydro is easier to maintain than belt counter part. Changing hydro filter is a lot more fun than greasing peerless tranny. You will love hydro walk on hill especially steep hill, there is nothing on earth can go safely and confidently like hydrostatic walk.
    Try belt on hill is like steering a mower without brake! worst of worst.
  5. dKoester

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    Get a wright stander RH 36. You'll love it.
  6. mr mow

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    they still make belt drive?

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