37 HP Kawasaki model FX1000V

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Thunderhead, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. StihlMechanic

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    Valves break. The engine usually goes out between 400-800 hours. Pass on it. The good thing is if it goes out under warr, you get a new engine, IF the dealer is worth a crap. I would pass on the FX series altogether. Depending on the make of your mower (toro, hustler, ect) there are other engines available. Look at a Kohler Command, Briggs Vanguard BB, Evan the FH series Kawi. I highly recommend you avoid the FX. You will not get many hours from it.
  2. LCPullman

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    Are you in on the sales side of these engines as well as the repair? What I'm wondering is how many of these are sold compared to how many come in and need a new engine. If you have replaced 15 or so, is that like half or a quarter or just a small percentage of the ones sold?
    If your dealer sold 150 and you only repaired 15 that might not be as bad as if you sold 20 and 15 of them came back.
  3. HenryB

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    I've owned two of these both failed at about 450hrs w/in a couple of months. Worst engines I ever owned and I've owned a lot.
  4. Mickhippy

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    Im not happy that Hustler are using the 37kawi on there new machine. I would of been very happy if they used the Briggs 35 or even a Kohler efi (up to 40hp)

    Im just not sure Id trust an engine (37hp) that has had so many problems.
    I mean, the new SZ is a keeper for up to 5yrs (hydro warranty) but if the engine goes out after 3.5yrs, ya screwed!
    Why they didnt go with the DFI is beyond me. I know they had the dfi on some machines through testing, dealer demos and I heard REALLY good things about it. But now, I may have to look elsewhere for my next machine.
    Id say the new SZ will be up around the $22-$25000 mark here. Thats a lot of money on something that has an engine with a dubious past!

    Would still demo new SZ but I have a lot of other brands around here now. Scag for one and Im very interested in the Cheetah.
  5. Thunderhead

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    This is why I'm VERY VERY Interested in the FX Series 37 hp Kawasaki engine. I'm thinking of upgrading my current Super Z that has the 31 hp FX Kawasaki to the new 2011 Super Z.

    What about the 37 hp Kawasaki DFI engine? Is it any good? Will it be offered on the new 2011 Super Z ??

    ...Making me nervous reading all this. But I must have the truth.
  6. Mickhippy

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    I knew why you started this thread mate, thats why I subscribed! I was going to do the same thing. We are both in the same boat as I have the 31kawi SZ as well, and was going to upgrade to the new SZ. If it had the DFI it would almost be a sure thing but now Im not so sure. I am VERY suspect of the 37.
    I dont think the 31hp (which isnt a bad engine IMO, but has issues like back firing) is going to be enough engine for the new SZ. Theres what, 120kg more weight in the new SZ alone and bigger hydro system. Why did they bypass the 34hp?

    PJ said they dont have plans for the 37dfi and or have had problems getting them. I doubt we'd see the dfi in this first round of machines. Maybe future versions, I dont know!

    All I know is, I am absolutely gutted about these engine options! How can I spend all the extra money if I dont trust the engine? Like I said, this is a keeper machine, a machine you'd keep for a few thousand hours. How can we keep it for so long when there are engine issues? Give the engines the same warranty as the hydro system and I wouldnt have a problem!
  7. HenryB

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    My advice DO NOT GET THE KAWASAKI 37 HP.The two I had both blew up less than 450hrs. From the start loud, backfired, oil turned black almost immediately. A gas hog it was shocking. My bet maybe Hustler got a great price on a boat load of them. If that's the case a bad move. I don't know why Hustler would even offer them.
  8. Thunderhead

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    From what I'm reading about the 37 hp Kawasaki, I have to agree with you 100%.... Not sure what to do!!
  9. Thunderhead

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    From reading your statement, Kawasaki would be coming out way ahead if they could sell me a 37 hp because it would take me (from my figuring of about only 70 engine hours per 1.5 years) 9 years to put 420 hours on the engine/machine.

    When you go buy a tractor, or piece of heavy equipment, a person normally doesn't necessarily look at the "age" of it; but looks mainly at the "hours", and of course overall condition.

    As much maintenance as I do to my stuff, I had better get AT LEAST 3000 hours out of a small engine before anything major should happen, regardless of age.
  10. aroddy

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    At the time kawasaki had a deal going where you buy a product with their FX series engine and bought a case of oil with it, kawi would extend the warranty two years....4 years total. I jus had to have my dealer register it at the purchase. So I used the Kawasaki 10w/40 oil. Non-synthetic.

    I'm kinda surprised with all the complaints on the Kawi big blocks. Even somebody said stay away from kawi FX series all together?!?! I got a guy who bought a ferris with the 34hp big block kawi with 1200 hrs and it has the same problem as mine with the smoke but its been a beast for him. He runs a mulch kit with gator blades and its a carbed model. But he loves it as much as I do mine. Hopefully I don't run into these problems. My best friend has a 25hp kawi FX with 2750hrs and it runs like it did new.
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