38 yrs old want to start business??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by wteeter, Oct 7, 2009.

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    I am 38 years old and have always wanted to start my own business. I grew up on a farm and mowed lawns in HS. I got my degree, coached HS football for 11 years. After that I got into the Oil industry as a directional driller. I've always wanted to start my own business. I have a strong back and am not afraid to sweat and work. My current job pays over 100k. My wife and I want to start the business ourselves and eventually add employees. We just moved to a small town in Texas There is a need here and close surrounding communities for general lawn services. Here are the big questions: Is it too late in life for me? Should I work the rest of my working career for someone else or should I go for it? Can a man make over 100K and eventually just get to a supervision role with employees? What do you thing? Let me know.
  2. mgt379

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    Anything is possible, Getting that big could take some time though. Why arnt you satisfied with your 100k Job? that sounds like some really good money?
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    I am your age and I have been doing yards part-time for a few years. I was in sales for over 10 years until this past May, as my fulltime gig. My company was cutting back and was offering serverance packages, so I took it. I did not have to take it since I had enough seniority, but I seen it as a chance to grow my lawn business. I don't think I will ever replace the income of my sales job and part-time mowing business combined. But I will make enough mowing next year to almost match my sales job salary. The sales job was very stressful and had very long hours, I was burned out chasing the dollar, my company could of offered me 10 bucks as the going away package and I would of taken it.
    My advice would be to give this thing a try on a part-time basis for at least one season. If you like it and feel it is profitable, then you could slowly transition out of your current job. If you are miserable at your current job, the more motivation you will have to make it work. Walking away from a 100K job seems like a difficult task though. It may take years to reach that in the lawn business. For me it was an easy transition, I already had equipment, truck, workshop/storage area, insurance, customers ect. I would draw up a business plan and talk to too as many LCOs in your area to get a feel of market conditions and rates. Only buy equipment you can pay cash for and that fits your plan. I have just enough equipment to be efficient, not more or less. Equipment at your point is secondary compared to a solid business and marketing plan. Any yahoo can finance a trailer full of equipment and then have know idea on how to turn a profit with it. Good luck.
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    lawnkingforever....thanks for the great advice. I've already started making a game plan. I am going to take this slow and know everything going into the plunge. Might take me several years to get my financial cushing and market ready. I like the thought of doing it part time other than it is hard to commit to a weekly route since i am gone 10 to 20 days out of the month for work. The main set back of my current job is being away from home and one of the main reasons i'm looking elsewhere. I feel i could commit, I just want to be backed before I plunge. Thanks for advice and come with more.

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