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    I looked at a job today for a large french drain, he also wants a 10'L x 20'W x 4' deep pond dug for a later project.

    Water stays behind the house, and the best way is to run 2 french drains both 180' from the back around the sides and down the sloped front yard to day light.

    he is not concerned with an exit pipe in his front yard as he had one originally (now lost or buried) and his neighbor has the same thing.

    His down spouts also drain into the back yard creating a water hole and those would be tied into the french drain or perhaps a complete separate drain pipe would accompany the first.

    Question. based on 360' and approximately an area of 1' x 1' 2B stone(surrounding the perf. pipe). I was told I need 24 tons???

    Attached plan of drain

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    where are you putting the dirt?

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