3pt chipper and Rockhound

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    I am cleaning up around here before I get too busy.

    We have a 3pt chipper for sale which was built to last. Not one of the cheap Chinese made units they sell today. I run this with my 30hp tractor, but would not recommend much smaller than that to run it. The thing has 6 belts and a huge flywheel to get moving. Not sure how large it will take but I would safely guess at least 3" limbs. Anything bigger than this I use for firewood. Has wheels but the tires are junk. Asking $1200 or reasonable offer.

    Also selling a Rockhound 5a made by Bobcat. I believe Bobcat calls them their Landscape Rake model 5a. We bought a larger skid loader and also a larger Rockhound. It functions as it should. One coupling seeps fluid and it could use some paint. The price reflects this. Price them on ebay. They are starting around $3400-3700 used right now. I have this one listed at $2400 or reasonable offer.

    Feel free to call or text me at 419 233 9339. Located in NW Ohio.
    Thanks, Phil

    IMG00546-20110328-1329 chipper opening.jpg

    IMG00547-20110328-1330 chipper flywheel.jpg

    IMG00543-20110328-1258 rockhound 5a side.jpg

    IMG00541-20110328-1258 Rockhound 5a.jpg

    IMG00544-20110328-1259 Rockhound top.jpg
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    Now listed on ebay. I will still sell for cash and end the ebay auction early, but I listed them.
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    I hate to bump listings, but this one ends in 2 days. Lots of interest so far. Nobody has come up with the cash yet though. Just thought I would add that there are additional pictures of the Rockhound on the ebay listing.
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    The chipper is SOLD!

    Rockhound is still available. Please do not call me wanting to trade something for it because you do not have any money. This is priced to sell, not trade! I will help eliminate some headaches. $2200 cash and it is yours! Rock bottom, probably priced too low, but this is where I need to be on it. Time to put in the lawns fellas!

    I attached some pictures of the teeth. Bearings have been replaced. Teeth are good. Cutting edge is not the best. Still some room left in the adjusters. I know it could use some paint, but it is ready to work as it sits. I can't be any more honest about it's condition. Not the prettiest, but 100% functional. 419 233 9339 if anyone is ready to make some money with it.

    IMG00571-20110404-1648 teeth.jpg
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    Wow, nobody puts in lawns on this site?

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