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Hello Again.....

It's time for the 3rd Free Give Away. The Give Away will be $50 cash, a pair of work gloves (good ones), and a pair of hand pruners courtesy of

As with give aways in the past, to be elligible, you must answer the following question. You can only answer the question once.

If there was one person in the Green Industry you could meet, sit down with and share a meal, and ask whatever you want, who would it be and what would some of the questions be? This is a fictional question, so the person you choose can be living or deceased. But please, answer this question seriously.

Thanks for all of your responses and Good Luck!

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David Slott (President and part owner of TruGreen-ChemLawn)

-What was your goal when you first started in the green field?
-Did you ever expect to grow to a nationwide co.?
-What methods were used in becoming the size of company you are today?
-Are you happy w/ the current co? When you started off did you always market so agressively (ie telemarketing)?
-What if anything would you change about your current co?
-What words of wisdom would you give a person starting off in the green industry as a small bussiness owner in the current economy?
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