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Hello Again.....

It's time for the 3rd Free Give Away. The Give Away will be $50 cash, a pair of work gloves (good ones), and a pair of hand pruners courtesy of

As with give aways in the past, to be elligible, you must answer the following question. You can only answer the question once.

If there was one person in the Green Industry you could meet, sit down with and share a meal, and ask whatever you want, who would it be and what would some of the questions be? This is a fictional question, so the person you choose can be living or deceased. But please, answer this question seriously.

Thanks for all of your responses and Good Luck!

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My wife and I have just started a business that we thought would work well for us in the future. We are a distributor for Rubberific! Mulch. We live in rural northwest Iowa near Sioux City, we both work away from our rural residence. I live in Sioux Falls, SD during the week working for Tiger Corp. (mfg of industrial mowers) and my wife works in Sioux City for Siouxland Regional Housing. There are a couple of people that I would like to visit with. My father is one, we worked side by side in the business of farming until the early 80's, an exceptional gentleman who I believe has raised me the right way. At the present, he can't relate to much of anything, he suffers from Alzheimers. Another person would have been my doctor from when I was a child, I always respected the man, he is deceased - died in the late 60's. He was a person that was not afraid to take a chance on a project and a person. Another would be a lawyer I knew when I was young, he suggested where to invest my first money. He had a lot of good ideas.
It sure wouldn't be a banker! Although I get along fine with the one we do business with for the last twenty years, prior to that the ones I worked with had a good ole boy system where only the people with money should run anything, you poor people stay in the back. That doesn't make entrepreneurs.
Speaking with a green person will not give you all of the answers for being in business. One may know a lot about doing the correct things but can't manage money. If your in a business, you need to have a number of hat's - promoter, manager, financial manager, estimator, common laborer, purchaser, as well as being a good boss and friend.
What I want to know is where all of these other people made their fast bucks in the business? What is the best business to be in pertaining to lawn care, landscaping, or anything connected to the industry? What trade show is the best to attend for products and information? What is a good all around business for four seasons?

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To be quite honest... John Albert Burr, not to many people know the historic background to lawn care, so this is who I would choose, for those who don't know, John was the first person to invent the first rotary-blade lawn mower, back in 1899

Some questions I would ask would be...

  • [*]What did people think of his model when he first came out with it?
    [*]Did you ever think of starting a Lawn Maintenance Company? lol
    [*]Then i'd tell him how much we appreciate his lawn mower here in the 21st century! :)

Thanks to this smart man, we have the beautiful lawns we have today! Other wise we would be using scissors!! :dizzy:

Here was his old model....

Thank You....Not only a response but now your all a bit smarter too because of my mini-history lesson ;) ahaha :rolleyes:
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