3rd Season Partnering UP!?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CustomGrounds, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Okay, little bit of backround of my current situation. Im starting my 3rd season now. I am full owner of my company. Currently have 35 weeklys and 10-15 other customers that give me the clean ups, mulch, power washing, etc. Last year i did just over 20,000 net. I have a pretty basic setup and have never been able to spend much on advertising. Door hangers have been huge for me but know money mailer and direct mail is where its at. Im seriously thinking about partnering up with a person iv know for some time and trust. Not best friends just have lot of same ideas. I know im going to get a ton of people saying dont do it bt i thihhnk there are benefits! I have had a real tough problem with motivation and get that lonley feeling about having no one to talk about the business with and motivate each other to go out and double our work! i think having someone to talk to day in day out about attack of the business would greatly benefit me. Also he has a huge mechanic backround he would be able to fix anything which would help huge. Lastly he has 10 G he wants to throw right into it which would be HUGE for advertising. I know there are so many small things to think about! How to split bank accounts, phone numbers when customers call, legal stuff, who has all the invoice duties. i dont even know where to start! we would both be owner operators splitting everything 50 50. I think it would be very important to talk about who was going to be responsible for what. If he was doing all the equipment up keep then id be fine dealing with invoices and all the emailing. Its very scary thinking of splitting everythign 50 50 and maybe a step backwards right noiw but hopfully we take those big two steps forward!
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    Hire a helper!!! You'll regret partnering. You have been warned! lol
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    No offense but I didn't even read tour post but a partner is a bad idea. If you need help hire it. A partner means splitting money and that's just the first problem. Grind it out and get help when you need it.
  4. Greg78

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    Don't partner up. Hardly ever works out. Usually lots of fights. Both guys always think they are doing / contributing more than the other guy.
  5. Greg78

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    Best advice you'll get right here. ^^^^^^^^
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    You guys should have read his post. It sounds like you have a motivation problem. I guarantee, if I'm the one doing all the wrenching, kicking in 10k plus half the actual work I am going to be taking more the 50% until I get my investment back. Learn some basic mech skills. Your workload is 3.5 days at best. That leaves a lot of time to work on more accounts. Advertise around your current accounts. Upsell your currents. Use inexpensive marketing, doorhangers, CL. Thumbtack.
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    I did read the post. Still wouldn't even consider it. Been in 3 partnerships. You think I would have learned something after the first bad one.
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    Thanks for the responses so far. Yeah i mean im not partnering for the help of the work load. Last year i had one guy full time and then another guy 2 days a week for clean ups and mulch jobs and then would find random guys when the work warrented it. Its more of a helping the over all long term aspect. With his money we could easily reach 60 lawns this year if not more. I just hate doing it alone i really want someone to have with me and kill my doubts about some things. Maybe ill regret this but im defenitly partnering up.
  9. Greg78

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    Will your current equipment handle 60 lawns? You had 1 full time guy for 35 accounts? How big are they?
  10. americanlawn

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    Partneships seldom work out. IMO

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