3rd Season Partnering UP!?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CustomGrounds, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. CustomGrounds

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    Very true, i mean from the start i advertised for anything i could do really, from power washing to staining decks, gutters. I really wanna do a money mailer for junk collection and removal. Ever dabble with that at all?
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    Sure. Every time I have to evict somebody or buy a foreclosure there is always junk involved. Customers usually only have cars, so there is always money to be made in moving things.
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    CustomGrounds Try living by a calendar. Meaning schedule everything that needs to be done and not do things spare of the moment for a while until you can get your motivation in the right direction. That is something that I have to work on. If I dont have a schedule it seems like nothing gets done. Also try to make more things automatic such as using a good software program for your clients. I know Service Autopilot has helped me alot with that or look at jobber. In other words just try to make things simpler so you do not get over whelmed.

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