$$$ 4.00 per gallon is here

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mdirrigation, May 16, 2008.

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    Havent raised prices till now , As of June 1 there I added a 20 dollar trip charge to all invoices . I also picked up a toyota truck 4 cyl with a cap for a service truck . Put the two 3/4 ton v8 ford van on reserve status or strictly install trucks and pulled out the astro van for service . I hate the smaller trucks but I think the high prices are here to stay
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    the small trucks are not that. Go make a pak rat. If your shell with flip up sides, you can make double stacked pak rat. I would the bottom one longer the top one. That is my plan.

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    Went over 90.00 to fill my F-150. 3.75/gal 3.99/gal premium. I have to believe a sharp recession is in the near future. RVs aren't moving. The pumps are always packed which means people are buying 5-10 dollars of gas at a time. Everybody is raising prices. House prices are collapsing. I'm usually an optimist but too many things are sending me negative vibes.
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    whats bad is the custs from last year expect the same prices this year. I've lost a large handful of customers due to increased prices, not a lot, only like 3%, but that didnt matter because they dont care about our costs. They focus on the ones that are willing to cut it for $25 etc. and pass you on in a heartbeat.
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    Depending on how much money the 3% of lost customers paid you, were they 3% of your business in gross revenue and/or profit?

    If you raised prices by more than 3%, then you are doing less work for more or same money. In theory if expenses stay the same.

    There are exceptions, but think of it this way: raise prices 10% and you can lose 9% of your business and make same money for less work (of course if all expenses are about the same). But since gas/oil etc has gone up, raise 10% and if you lose 5% of business then you are probably slightly ahead or the same but working less. Then try to get more customers who are willing to pay those higher prices.

    Just my $0.02 ..... of wait, my expenses have gone up so it's now $0.0379
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    Fed up with high gas prices....click below under "WE NEED AMERICAN OIL! CHECK IT OUT"!
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    You might be right with vids.. BUT the fact is that the wako enviros will NOT let any drilling happen. Just checkout my sig and read up on what they have done to hatteras island. They have pushed going/being GREEN that everyone has bought into it. Even our old VP has his new pos green club.
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    You could drill 24/7 over every square inch of our great nation and not come up with anything comparable to the easy-to-get reserves of the usual OPEC suspects. But feel free to keep playing the blame-the-tree-huggers-game, if it makes you feel better.
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    dam hippies.
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    I paid 450 a gallon today

    methane hydrates...

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