4 AC Weed/Feed Sprayer-Spreader Reccomendations

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by troland, Sep 28, 2013.

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    And why would you ever drive a truck on a customers lawn? My truck with skid tank full weighs in at 9500lbs. Would you let me drive that in your yard doc?
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    Flat fans are extremely misty. AI is the Teejet air inducted flat fan tips. Have you ever seen the Spraying Systems catalog? There are charts that compare average spray droplet size between types of nozzles and then droplet sizes between each nozzle volume. An AI tip of equal volume puts out a much coarser spray at the same pressure vs a straight cut flat fan. Flat fans are actually not usable on most days in my area. A calm day is when the wind blows only 10 MPH without swirling or shifting directions.

    That truck mount boom is mostly used for really rough turf and OPEN FIELDS. No way in H-L would I drive on a turf area that would rut or track from it. Most fine turf is in smaller areas that are barely accessible to my 36" wide greensmower. You are not going to get anything that you drive on most of my lawns. I also mentioned a tow behind estate sprayer capable of handling what is normally applied to St Augustine or zoysia grass. Warm season grasses frequently need products that are not clear liquids. A 12V electric pump is fine for dispensing Three Way or RoundUp. A better pump capable of handling suspended solids is much better.
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    A common set up I see around here is a gator or mule type machine with a 50 gal, gas powered sprayer in the back bed. You can have a boom or 300 ft of hose.

    If you want to do it on the cheap, 2 gas powered backpacks and a push spreader. Thats what I use 90% of the time.
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    What kind of tires on the Gator? I have normal highway tires on my truck, not the gnarly off road tires. On firm ground, there is no marking or ruts. On a big estate not accessible with my truck, I would use an estate sprayer. Gas driven pump capable of high pressure and volume. Pressure and volume are needed for tank agitation. 40 or so PSI for the boom, the rest for the agitation jets.
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    I think just the regular tires like what would be used on a golf course.
    You can see and example on R&K pumps website

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    What brand/type of gas powered backpacks do you use? Also, do you have a larger mix tank that you keep on your truck that you use to refill the backpacks?
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    Congrats on your new account. How many other accounts do you have? Planning on staying in the business for a few years? How many accounts do you hope for in five years? Is this business your nestegg?

    If you are serious about lawn apps for the future, I sure hope you do not rely upon "hack job" pieces of equipment. I suggest a versatile machine so you can use it on most of your properties.

    There's a unit out there that does exactly what you are wanting (one of these units brought in nearly $200,000 for me in 2013 >> One person, one guy, one pickup truck). Learning curve -- only about 2 or 3 days.

    If you are serious, please buy quality (I finally learned my lesson with the Exmark 30" stand-on aerator).

    Best of luck,

    TURFCO T3000 A-Team member. :usflag:
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    Troland I'm relatively new to the business 2014 will be my second year I have properties ranging from 5k to 1.5 acres toward the end of last season I purchased a ground logic pathfinder xc it is the best thing ever I do all my properties with it I use a van with a hitch mounted carrier and I average 15 min per property

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