4 acres of grass what to charge

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    hey guys,

    want to know how much to charge for a 4 acres of grass for one of my customer its about 25 minutes away from my shop and the layout of grass is wide open i have a 36inch zt sit down graverly and a 52inch zt sit down graverly what should i charge a week for cutting there isn't alot of trimming required mostly just cutting.

    Thanks Mike:dancing:
  2. jim dailey

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    A lot of questions here. Is the customer a new one or old one. What is your cost of doing business, per hour? How many men cutting? Does the $1.00/minute work in your locale? 25 minutes away from the shop is 50 minutes round trip..with a break = 1 hour. Gas is getting more and more expensive. Post some of your answers here, and we can all work on it. Be honest, give an honest quote, and you just never know. ALSO, think about a break-down, this far away from the shop. Lotsa time involved here, and time is money.

    JAX LANDSCAPING LawnSite Member
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    this is also my first year in buisness for myself so he is a new customer and i'm also cutting his commercial property which is only 5 minutes from my shop and it is $30 a week ther is not alot of grass will take me about 15 minutes to do. there will be 3 guys total on both jobs on the 4acre job there will be 2 guys cutting and 1 guy trimming my hourly rate is about $40 in my area this rate is about the average.Hopes this helps.

    Thanks Mike
  4. jim dailey

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    SO, $120/hour for the 3 guys. $ 120 for the 1 hour of travel time. Figure the total time to cut the 4 acres, add 1 hour for the travel, and that gives you an idea of what to charge him. NOW, how well do you like this guy being your customer? How nice do you want to be to him?
  5. Mike's Lawn & Snow

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    120 to mow plus hour drive time 40.00 I would say about 160.00 seem's like a fair price maybe a few dollars higher if you want to add a gas surcharge
  6. jim dailey

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    BUT, you are only charging $40/hour for the drive time. He charges $40/hour for cutting time. The age-old question now arises. Why charge only $40/hour for the drive, when if they were closer and were to cut another lawn, they could get the $120/hour for the cutting time of that hour. He still has to pay the guys to ride in the truck for the hour. Plus, A LOT MORE gas is being used in the "driving hour". It just comes down to a matter of how nice do you want to be to the customer.
  7. qualitylawnmanagement

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    My price to mow that in my area would be around $120 to 135. Depends on what the conditions are.
  8. chriscraft

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    we wont drive 25 minutes to cut the lawn it costs to much, if ti was within 5min of another job we would maybe 10 minutes on 4 acres, our homes are within 1-2 minutes of eachother on the whole, its the only way we can make a profit, and to charge an extra 40 dollars to drive to his house , they dont pay for that generally out here, even if they like you
  9. cwlawley

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    My price would be $125.00 per cut, if there really isn't a lot of trimming.
  10. iowamale

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    i would do it for 85 80 for work 5 for gas take less then 1 hr

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