4 Business Stolen Equipment North NJ out of Parking yard.

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by LandWorksNJ, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. LandWorksNJ

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    4 landscaping companies including myself got robbed of commercial equipment Friday. This happened in the township of Cedar Grove New Jersey around Friday 4:30am. 2 trailers were stolen (one open, the other closed) that were then loaded up on a trailer with other stolen equipment from other landscaping businesses that parked in the same lot.

    Here is what was stolen: 6 to 8 Red max back packs, 52" Toro Grand Stand, 42" Wright Stander in near new condition, Hedge trimmers Chainsaws.
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  2. Mr Efficiency

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    That sucks.
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  3. LandWorksNJ

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    This was very well orchestrated. Most likely they've done this before. Yes it sucks. There were no cameras. It happened at 600 Pompton Avenue in Cedar Grove if you guys want to Google Map it.
  4. wjjones

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    No telling which state they will end up in usually everything from our area thats stolen ends up getting found down south Florida, Alabama, etc. Thieves usually are from a different area but sometimes they are people you know. I will keep an eye peeled here in Tn you never know.
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  5. Doc8406

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    Been hearing of a lot of stolen stuff being sold in Ky.. I am in upper east tennessee..
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  6. LandWorksNJ

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    I actually did not know these things get sold out of state. Thanks for the input guys
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  7. wjjones

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    Its always worse during the holidays. They got one guy here years ago that stoled equipment for years before they caught him. Keep an eye on Craigslist sometimes you might get lucky when they are trying to unload the stolen equipment. I hope you had insurance to cover your stuff.
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  8. TPendagast

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    How did they steal the machines
    Do you leave the keys in the machines?

    Just wondering
    I know you can use any key... wondering if they brought their own or know how to hot wire? Or keys are left in them?

    What’s normal is, the thieves are from your area
    But have relatives or connections to another area (or sometimes visa versa)

    So they “do business” in both areas and they’re frequently traveling between the two places for familial reasons

    They’ve got their own yard somewhere and they sit on the stuff for a while until it’s no longer hot, then sell it like normal,

    This is the holiday season so thieves are visiting family
    They grab some local stuff and run off to where ever ma and pa are...
    90% likely your stuff is long gone.
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  9. hort101

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    pawn shops too:dizzy:
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  10. LandWorksNJ

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    Got a call today from Wayne detective... They found the enclosed trailer empty. Guys please take care and properly secure your livelihood.

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