4 Business Stolen Equipment North NJ out of Parking yard.

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I caught some clowns rippin' me off this morning. Noticed a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road next to my truck about 400 feet away. I moved the mower over to investigate, a guy ran around and jumped into the passenger seat of their late model vehicle. As they pulled out onto the main road I noticed the license plate had white tape over it, looked and saw my blower was gone. Tried to chase 'em down, I was only about 30-45 seconds behind 'em, but I got screwed by traffic. Probably best that I never caught 'em, I'd probably be arrested for felonious assault.

Still, it didnt ruin my day. It will take me about 8 hours of work to replace the blower, but the thieves will be scum for the rest of their lives. Hope they sold the blower for 50 bux and died of an OD.
It really is disgusting that people have such poor social skills and sociopathic behaviors to resort to steeling from people who make an honest living.