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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ClarkKrewCuts, Feb 8, 2001.

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    I was wonder if I could get some feedback on bidding on a four complex senior center. The bid will be given to one company for all four complexes.

    I thank all of you ahead of time for all of the great advice that I have already recieved. I am really excited about this bid but I am also very nervous about the outcome!

    I was recently offered the opportunity to put in a bid on a 4 complex senior center. The four complexes are all located within 10 miles of each other. The square footages for grass areas are:
    1-57,000 sq/ft
    2-68,683 sq/ft
    3-98,859 sq/ft
    4-46,000 sq/ft

    Each complex with have between 45 minutes to an hour of trimming time.

    All building within complex have rock boarders around them that will need to be weeded weekly. Estimated time for each complex will be around 30-45 minutes.

    Each complex will be edged every week.

    Sprinkler systems will be checked weekly for proper working function. Estimated time for each complex will be around 30 minutes.

    I currently run two Ztr. mowers a 48" and a 42". This will be done by a two man crew.

    I look forward to any replies, thanks for your help.

  2. 269k sq ft=$269 for mowing and trim only.
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    Misc. Man Hours to include checking of timers, weeding, and string trimming: $172.00
    Mowing if wide open with minimal-no obstacles:$245.00
    Mowing if obstructed:$340.00
    Edging of walks extra.

    I rounded up your #'s for turf measuring 271m/sf

    Hope this helps.

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