4 cycle Troy Bilt TB635EC trimmer stalls at full throttle



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well, it probably was the valves afterall but they don't like being adjusted or something's broke with it or something -

the intake rocker barely needs to be loosened from seated in order to run well, the outtake almost has to be seated. I had it running good like that but a little shaky or a little bit high in rpm, it was needing only like 16ths of a turn to make quite a difference and I needed the phillips head idle screw idling too high, played around with it for a while while I had it open to try and get it perfect, could basically tune it by ear... But the intake rocker arm clearance would apparently undo itself and make a gap like 10X larger than it should have - maybe something wrong with the washer or nut/bolt, then the recoil starter broke and instead of throwing more $ at this thing just bought the great 4 cycle Honda instead.

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