4-in-1 Bucket Care

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Squizzy246B, Sep 6, 2005.

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    Four months ago a purchased a new CAT 246B. Part of the negotiations were for the genuine Cat Multi-purpose (4in1) bucket, 66". I have noticed many older machines (of all brands) with the 4 in 1's in pretty poor condition, noteably the bottom of the bucket is bent.

    As this is my first 4in1 I was wondering how you guys look after these excellent pieces of kit. Do's and don't's??. I now use the 4in1 bucket so much I think I'd go nuts with frustration if I had to use a GP bucket again.

    Looking forward to any advice :)

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    We have a 60" Cat 4-in-1 and one thing to watch out for is when you're using the clam to grab a couple 200 pound rocks. What happens is that the bucket will not close all the way due to the large rocks and the rounded top of the bucket (right below the step grate to climb into the cab) isn't solid and it will dent or essentially push the metal in. It won't affect the bucket's performance, just looks like crap. So to keep it simple, don't grab more than the bucket can hold with the bottom completely closed. Other than that, be sure to grease it well and it will perform well for years of service.

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