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4 in 1 bucket?


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Eastern Mass
im looking into buying a 4 in 1 bucket...i cant find much info on here...i did a search but it comes up empty on this subject...so im trying to get more info

im in my 2nd year in biz and i do all bobcat work: grading, leveling, small excavation, earthmoving, land clearing etc... and i work mainly by myself and im getting really tired of getting in and out of the skid to pick up rocks etc...also i have a few brush cleanup jobs coming up where i will need a grapple of some sort, but im leaning towards a combination bucket for its grabing cababilites as well as the other tasks it can handle...

who uses them on their skids?...and is there a lot of difference in brands...i run an S185 and currently have a 68" gp bucket...but i notice 4 in 1's are only 66" and 72"...i want to stay as narrow as possible for tight spots but also want to cover my tracks...which would you suggest?

Gilla Gorilla

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Also search combo bucket.
I have a 4-1 bucket for my TX420 Dingo and love it. There is some times that I would like to have a grapple bucket to be able to pick up a nice sized load of cut brush and other stuff like that but I work the 4-1 bucket more than I would the grapple bucket. This picture was a 6" caliper Dogwood that was planted to close to a house years ago with the trunk growing up against the gutter so she wanted it out. If the dingo could pull this up then your 185 should be a hell of a lot better at pulling stuff like this up.



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Rigby, Idaho