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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Kleen Kutz, May 9, 2014.

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    I used to talk to a solo feller all the time, he had a nice business and would spend 5 minutes to talk to me, he even got me a little bit of work when I was starting. Two years ago he partnered with the big company in town, he was running a 4 man crew, himself and 3 0thers. He would no longer talk to me but would wave, he worked his azz off. This year hes no longer in business, but the feller he partnered up is. I also found out that his salary
    with the partner was 800$ per week.

    More can often be Less!
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    Having a 4 man crew only also depends on the amount of business you have too. I have a lot of business and my goal is to get OFF the truck within 3 weeks to a month and market my business. Just like I'm doing while I'm on the truck, but I'll be able to go FULL FORCE and land more jobs on a daily to a weekly basis.

    But for the guys saying how you can make money with a 4 man crew. Oh I'm making money but I want A LOT MORE AND MORE!💵💵💵 Some people are content of where they are at. I LOVE to EXCELL!!!

    How many of you guys every see a crew cab box truck with more than 4 guys in it? I see it a lot around here! So that's one of my points.
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    I think with the right properties, close together and a lot of them... 4 guys could work.BUT there's no way 4 guys is more efficient then 3 guys. Same with 3 guys to 2 guys or even 2 guys to solo as at solo you are essentially 100% efficient.

    If you had the volume 4 guys could work
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    3 is generally the perfect crew number. 4 works for volume

    2 sucks. Moral sucks. If you send a guy out alone why would he even bother working for you. Sure 1 person is "100% efficent" but he's going to drag his ass and hate working for you

    Solo vs 3 guys is not even comparable
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    I run two and three men crews... 2 on my spread out accounts and 3 on compact/small commercial.. Different terrains demand different manpower...3 men in my spread out is just a no no...paying them for travelling... I might experiment with a 4 man crew on my compact.. But I found 3 men on my usual 2 men round..took the same time...lots more chit chat and texting etc..so I went back to 2.
  6. andersman02

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    I'm speaking from a efficiency stand point
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    When it takes 3 people the same time to do the work as two it is because of bad management. The first step is to tell the crew leader (lower management) why is production not where should it be.

    Crew leader says it's his crew. Mentor him and the crew. Production still low get him a new crew. Production still off get a new crew leader. Production still off then upper management is not up to the job.
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    Last year most people were posting that 2 men crew was the most efficient.

    Though people pointed out how Brickman is rolling multiple trucks to jobs with 4 men per truck.

    The problem with crews is not the size but the quality of the workers and is the crew and equipment correctly matched to the job.

    Number one complaint as crew size grows is the amount of standing around watching others work because it is not my job attitude.

    This spring I did all of the clean ups by myself.

    Last fall my son and friend helped me. My son and friend worked non stop. Everyone kept pitching in until we were loaded and ready to drive off.

    Whether 1, 2, or 3 people I had the same efficiency. No body stood around.

    My friend is 71 and last fall it was easy to see that age finally slowed him down a lot. Even so his old school attitude had him finding something that needed to be done with out standing around. Or waiting to be told to do something.

    This trait is lacking in many in the younger generations.
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    Exactly correct and he gets to know if he might have more than onr guy I that could run a crew for him. And what about those extra things like mulch, bush trimming etc. From the first day 37 years ago I had employees and always made more money than if I was solo.
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    But you were in agreement with the Alaska guy regarding one man crews....so are you undecided or what? lol

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