4 Man Crew!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Kleen Kutz, May 9, 2014.

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    Brickman's properties are also all huge commercial accounts and commons areas, etc., so it makes sense. Plus they have more than than one or two crews, lol. Much different story compared to most of us on here. Sending 4 guys to little .25 acre lots is foolish IMO for a smaller operation. Unless you are paying them peanuts. Every extra man will lose man hour production.
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    It boils down to how many and how large your accounts are. I'm running 2 guys for properties 1 1/2 acre and under and 3 sometimes 4 on my large accounts up to 8 acres.
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    Ref vld32... I agree with your comments... It's also about quality of workers and retention of workers too...down here that's a huge issue...reliability, punctuality, work ethic, ... It's a transient worker situation here.. Doesn't matter what $$$ you pay even, it's very different.. I now run two on residential and 3-4 on commercial.. I have workers who will bust a gut.. Recruiting is a big issue... You would need to experience it here to believe it. Staff turnover is high.. People arrive in Florida and leave when the heat turns up...luckily all the wannabes lawn companies disappear by July when it gets tough.
    Getting a good crew leader is hard.. I am fortunate at the moment in my guys.. But it's been a long hard road..:hammerhead:

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