4 man mowing crew per man hour rate?


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I’m a bit confused guys. A four man mowing crew would be charging $240 a hour $60 per man. Am I missing something?


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This is coming from the big boys. Figure out what your gross profit margin should be. Average is 40-50%. Our company does 50-60% on maintenance. We calculate at 50%.

Crew Lead $18
Crew Mem $16
Crew Mem $16
Crew Mem $16

$66/hr +27% Burden (ALL Insurances, taxes) = $83.82/hr / 4 (or however many people are on the crew) = $20.95. Multiply that times two for your gross margin you get $41.91. That is what you charge per hour. Fuel doesn't count as a direct cost because it is not in the bidding process. ONLY what you use directly that is a constant is direct cost.

Mark Oomkes

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That’s what the title says....
Actually it says 4 man mowing crew per man hour rate? and then he starts talking about labor burden.

Which is why I was confused.

Rate is what you charge the customer.

Labor burden is actual payroll, taxes and benefits.