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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffh1988, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. jeffh1988

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    I have had a 4 mix stihl trimmer since the end of last season and about two days ago it started acting up. it runs fine anywhere above idle but if you try to let it idle it dyes after about 10 seconds. I don't think the idle rpm's are to low because it runs fine for about 10 seconds. I would take it to my dealer but he has the worst service :angry: :realmad: i have bought all my handhelds equipment from him and spent which is a couple weedeaters hedge trimmer a couple edgers and a couple blowers in the last 9 months and still if i take it to him its i will get it when i can which means lucky if thats two weeks. :realmad: but any advice on this problem would be great maybe i can fix it myself :)
  2. topsites

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    for one thing you might check / replace the air filter and maybe put another spark plug in it...
    also here's what I do with trimmers and the real reason is so I don't forget to turn it OFF when I set it down but it is to turn up the idle fast enough to where the head always spins at least a little bit. been running my trimmer like that forever.
  3. dcplace2004

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    I would make a phone call to Stihl or go to the contact page online and send a complaint to them...I have the same problems here with the redmax dealer...the Stihl dealer here is wonderful, which is why I bought Stihl, and have the 4-mix...people need to understand that no matter what engine, there will be possible problems...some run for a long time with no probs, and others don't--4-mix or not...being solo for now, I can pamper my machines more than the person that has crews tons of equipment and lack to time to maintain them...I am still new to all this but am learning a great deal from this site and through real world experience...
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    There was a post on Ls last week or so, It was about trimmers acting up some due to the heat and mainly the humidity, The cure was to adjust the mix screws a lil bit. I dont know which one to turn, maybe some one can help or know which thread that was?????
  5. locutus

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    When all else fails, call Stihl and complain to a regional sales director. This usually gets a dealer to stand up and pay attention.
  6. woodmedic

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    The first thing to check would be to make sure the valve cover gasket is not leaking. The fuel mixture runs across the rocker area and into the crankcase then back up to the carb. If it had a very minor leak it could cause the idle problems you describe. If that looks ok you can try to richen the low speed screw a bit. You may have to remove the limit cap to richen it anymore however. Hope this helps!!
  7. Bulletproof

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    We just purchased a 4-mix stihl with all the attachments and it's been doing the exact thing that you were describing. It has done it for the entire time we've had...We thought something was wrong with it, just ours alone. But you say you're having the same troubles...

    If you find the problem can you please post what solved it! Thanks
  8. ALarsh

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    hmmm. I have 15 gallons through mine so far and no problems.
  9. lawnjockey75

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    We've had ours for two months, it's collecting dust, it hasn't ran right since we bought it. Just another over-engineered marketing scheme. Stick with what works.
  10. ALarsh

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    Why didn't you take it back to the dealer?

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