4" of snow in southern ontario

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PRO PROPERTY CARE, Apr 7, 2003.


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    well this sucks. baought my new equipment a week ago on sat...
    was supposed to pick it up on last friday, ice storm.....
    so changed to today(monday),,, get up , snow storm.....
    bummer. Not to mention I was hopeing to be cuttign grass next week......:angry: :angry: :angry:
  2. It really sucks, I was supposed to be cutting this week, now the way its like now, i might have to get the tractor and blower to blow snow tomorrow:mad: :blob2: And the sh!tty part is I sold my sled 3 weeks ago when all the snow melted, and was gonna buy a new one in the fall but i want it now:blob4: when will it go away!!!!!!!!!!!!:blob2:
  3. joed

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    I am sick and tired of this snow too. Last week's ice storm has turned everything into a frozen tundra. I was supposed to cut down a couple of trees this weekend but I couldn't even make it up to them since everything was a frozen mess. Looks like spring clean ups and cuttings will be delayed for awhile.
  4. cantoo

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    This weather gave me a much needed two weeks to get some equipment together so I'm not complaining. Just got done mounting my 5' sweeper on the front of the JD F915 I bought on Saturday and it works perfect now. I have the pull behind sweeper ready on my MTD Pro Z and it's working good now. The walk behind sweeper has received a cleanup and is ready to go again. The ad has been in the paper two weeks and the calls are coming in steady enough to keep me happy. Now if my wife can run all this equipment we will have a good spring.

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