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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by duckworth, May 8, 2014.

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    I know what you mean by the heads sinking. I try to compact the soil underneath as best as possible but doesn't always work long term. So if you can see it will be a recurring issue go ahead and install the 6. Takes extra digging and sometimes cutting/gluing but I almost never see 6's overtaken.
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    touche, nicely played sir!
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    8 for St Augustine, 4 for the other grasses. 4??????? The other grasses are supposed to be kept at 3/4" or lower. Never see a 4" head swallowed unless the lawn is maintained incorrectly. Even a 2" is enough if the lawn is maintained right. A lot of my irrigation problems are solved by running the correct type of mower down to the right height of cut.
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    For sake of arguing :)

    A). Always have your hand pump to pump out any excess water . If the soil can't support an angle of the head 1). Dig back more to expose more swing pipe. 2) install a marlex if needed 3). Compact more? A 5 pubs mini sledge hammer will do a heck of a job to compact .

    B). Sure, but fixing a head angled 10% off increases the efficiency of the rest of that area by so many fold. . This negates any worry about what ever else it does as you have improved it so much any downfall should be a non worry . Find ways to make improvements that outweigh the pros vs cons in a time efficient cost effective manner

    C) Flag the area you worked in . Visually show the homeowner, verbally explain and write out on the invoice . So if the head tilts in a month it shouldn't be your fault and you can charge your full amount for a simple repair. Not that this should be your mindset but documenting keeps you in the clear from warranty work.

    Don't listen to college stupids ( oh I mean students) and keep trash out of our precious earth . Thanks
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    He is a democrat , he likes to be told what to do.
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    8, are there 8" heads?

    I understand everything you're saying and agree butt you literally live in a different world than us, at least me. In my world there are no reel mowers, lawns are not graded smoothly & etc.
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    1806 bodies with check valves come with no side inlet, and you can get them from Ewing. All the 1806 bodies I stock are either SAM or SAM-PRS, with no side inlet.
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    Mike Leary hack your account? :laugh:
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    Right now in droughty California, every news channel and newspaper is telling folks to let your grass grow taller. Sounds like a good idea, but a lot of times the taller grass blocks the 4" (really 3") spray height. I'd like to put in all 6" SAM's but $$$ does matter.

    In case you haven't seen it all our Freeway signs have this displayed right now.

    Freeway Sign Conserve water in drought.jpg

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