4 out of 5 Norways lived..

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by brentsawyer, May 18, 2004.

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    Been putting in trees for years and in a subdivision that I have done all the landscaping on, I put in 5 Norways for a homeowner for $140ea. and my cost was $50/tax. I told them that they needed real frequent (2-3 days ,more when hot in early spring) watering over the entire tree and showed them how much water they needed. Well a couple weeks ago it started getting warm mid-80's and no rain and of course they didn't water and I go over to landscape another house and see that one is dying and dosen;t have much of a chance but tell them to water every day. Yesterday she calls and tells me she thinks it dead and asked what I could do. Since I stated to her while putting them in that I normally don't warranty evergreens since it is primarly up to the homeowner if they live or die, I feel I should stick to what I said. However, while putting them in she asked again and I said that I might warranty one. Only reason was that they are looking to do several thousand in landscaping soon. BTW, she admitted to not watering for close to a week.

    My thoughts are to make them pay$50 for a new tree and I'll suck up the rest, shouldn't take but 30 minutes or just warranty the entire tree and make up for it later.

    In the end, it really makes me mad that someone could look at me knowingly that they did what they did and ask me to fix it on my bill. It is known and understood that none of the other trees will be warranteed whatsoever.
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    Only missed watering for"close to a week"
    I don't really think several days without watering would have killed it.
    Too much fert without water...........maybe.....(from installation or the Provider of the stock)
    If it had been watered pryor to that on a relatively regular basis I don't believe that is the problem. Sometimes it's just bad stock..................................

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