4 sale Gravely Scagg Dixon Chevy truck

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by jefea, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. jefea

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    Moving Out of state selling mowers, Lesco spreader, Ryan Aerator, dry fertilizer Pre emergent or Ice melt, work truck.
    Used to mow home yard runs great. 52" walk behind Scagg 17.5 engine. Selling for 1,000
    A 42" Dixon zero turn runs great has an issue that can be fixed for 150.00 selling for 500.00
    60" zero turn Gravely Runs great needs a new water pump for 125.00 installed. This was bought new for 7,200 selling for 1,500
    50lb Bags of dry fertilizer or Pre emergent for 15.00 each. Ice melt 50lb bags 30.00 each this is not the stuff you will find at any store can melt up to 3" of ice
    Lesco spreader holds 100lbs selling for 375.00 this is the big one
    Ryan Aerator 19" used very little new selling for 2,000

    Work truck in great shape 1,100. firm

    This truck has a soft engine rebuild. It runs like new. If you need a workhorse that won’t give you problems here she is.
    I spent1,500 on the soft rebuild + New starter breaks front and back, timing Chain, Plugs, wires and Cap, Front bearings, belts, major engine gaskets like the head gasket, water pump gasket, valve cover gaskets. Runs great I thought I would have this truck for years to come. I lost my job and am selling everything I can. All the truck needs to be perfect is minor bodywork. That’s it.
  2. jdutcher003

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    Would really like some pictures! I am interested in the scag!
  3. danny17

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    pics of gravely and truck please!
  4. danny17

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    need more details on gravely too.
    ie. hrs, engine, condition and pics!
  5. Mimowerman

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    care to elaborate what this magic ice melt is for 30.00 per bag?
  6. S&K Outdoor

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    more info on the truck would be nice
  7. buffalonick

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    Can we get pictures of all of your mowers please asap. And if you need to email me them i will PM you my email
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  9. jefea

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    pics aren't working mang.

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