4 way bucket ?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by tnmtn, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. tnmtn

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    just wondering if anyone has seen this before. what i am wondering about is a 4 way bucket that when opened has a serrated edge (similar to rezloh) on the bottom for digging when backdragging. i haven't used one before and am planning to try a 4n1 next week. but in heavy clay it wouldn't seem to dig well when backdragging the open bucket. maybe i am wrong on this. what i am hoping to do is shave off dirt bringing the area down to grade this way. the backhoe doesn't dig real well with the loader bucket going forward and i am trying to find another way beside digging and grading with the hoe bucket usually after this i will smooth it out by backdragging the loader bucket. any help on this would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance,
  2. RockSet N' Grade

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    Any flat loader blade, skid blade, tractor blade seems to hop and skip because it is flat. I use a Kubota 4330 for alot of finish grading home yards. I just hit 1,000 hrs. the other day on this machine and this is my 3rd Kubota. I put a rezloh edge on the Kubota at about 100 hrs and it back drags awesome......no more hop, skip and jump. I have been debating on putting a rezloh on the skid, but I think not because we drop alot of material off in the street and use the straight edge to clean material off the street. If you aren't careful with the rezloh on asphalt, it ends up in your bucket. I think I would consider a rezloh as a first try on your existing machine and see if that gives you what you need........
  3. SiteSolutions

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    If you just want to go down an inch or so to shave a spot here or there or bring something from "close" to "just right", you can open the clam shell just a few inches and set the bucket down with the front edge just off the ground. I think of it as using a cheese slicer. It seems to work if I just need to dig a little. On hard clay, this can leave a nice looking "slicked off" or "bladed off" appearance and will help prevent rain from getting into a building pad, for example.

    *but* if you are trying to dig any more than a little, you need teeth, especially in clay. There was a post on here a month or two ago about this, and several folks recommended digging out deeper than you need (going forward, with teeth) and back dragging smooth to get the grade you want, as much faster than shaving away a half inch at a time. I think this way is faster and better if you have much to shave at all.
  4. dozerman21

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    I want a Rezloh for my CTL, but I can't justify buying one until my cutting edge that I just flipped wears down.

    Anybody have an angle grinder handy?:cool2:
  5. cddva

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    The 4n1 will do what your asking as far as finish grading. The only issue I have with this method is (for me anyway) I normally don't have a decent view of the cutting edge when back dragging with the bucket open so I'm guesstimating how deep its cutting. When you get it right it does a nice job for the finish grade. Another option would be a land leveler. It gives a nice finish grade and its easier to see the cutting edges.
  6. tnmtn

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    from NE Tn.
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    thanks for the replies, i am looking forward to trying the 4n1 out. i think it should speed things up a good bit. on some jobs i am switching to a box blade and dragging backwards for the grade work. it has worked well but looking for other options.
  7. janb

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    I have a tractor box scraper that has a nice little flipper / cutting edge facing rear (cuts backing up, and backdrags going forward.

    I also have hyd link for top and right side, thus it can contour AND/OR I can roll scraper full forward by shortening top link cyl, and use my ripper teeth W/O having to 'dismount'. Pretty slick setup, and very handy when hitching 3pt attachments and mowing fields. Also a few welded chain hooks on the box scraper makes it a pretty useful thing to have around. Grapple / brush fork lives in the front of the tractor 80% of the time for my applications.

    You'll love the 4in1 combo. My favorite use is pulling steel fence posts...what a breeze !
  8. Fieldman12

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    Most people seem to like these 4n1 buckets. The first time I used one was on a 931C Cat crawler loader. I personally was not that impressed.
  9. TXTom

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    I am thinking about getting a 4in1 for my S185. I have a tooth bucket for digging. I was looking at a smooth bucket for finish grading, but it seems like the 4in1 would work for material handling, finish grading, light blade work, grabbing things. What else can I use this for?


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