4 wheel steering on new Silverado.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by casey, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. casey

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    Looks like a zero turn truck. Anyone ever driven one of these?

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    I havenot driven it , but I did see an add in a magazine for it.. Looks interesting.. But what happens if you do a panic turn?? Looks like a good way to get out of control real fast. or flip the thing..?? Do you know if it has a lock so that you can make it only turn when you want ??? or does it always 4 wheel turn>>??
  3. CASEY
    I havent driven one of these by ill try to get the union to get me some brosures on this truck .Ill let you know what i find out .I dont know anyone around me anywhere who has one
  4. eskals

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    I remember reading something about this some time ago. The 4 wheel steering will only activate in low speed conditions.

    I wonder when this is susposed to debut. I read about it some time ago.

  5. eskals

    I keep my eye out on all things gm and chevy but i really dont know yet .Im gonna try to get some info

    take care
  6. Randy J

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    The steering is just like the old Honda Prelude 4 Wheel Steering, in operation anyway. The rear wheels will turn the opposite way as the front, only to a much lesser degree, at slow speeds. This is done obviously to help park. At higher speeds, the rear wheels will turn the same way as the front, again to a much lesser degree. This is done to help cornering abilities - which I don't get, after all it's a PICKUP. At high speeds the amount the rear wheels turn will be minimal. Should really help in tight parking garages though. It's coming on pickups first, then will be adapted to the SUV's later.

  7. Randy j

    Thanks for the info ,I wonder how it will effect off road capibilty ?
    although how many people really take a 30000$ truck off road
  8. casey

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  9. Casey

    Looks like gm can still come up with something good
    Thanks for the web page
  10. cat320

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    It's just another expensive part of the truck to fix when it breaks and it will probaly need more aligments or more expensive ones If every one new what was good for them they would stick with the old reliable way of steering. I can only see problems with this four wheel steering.

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