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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dvmcmrhp52, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. dvmcmrhp52

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    For those that have them and use them................

    We are looking into some 4 wheelers for fun and work, so a few questions for those who know..............

    How well do they really plow snow?
    Do you need 4 wheel drive for most snow removal?
    How well do they work with a tow behind aerator?(is 4 wheel drive necessary?)
    How well do they work with tow behind spreaders? (can they do a good job without to little or too much overlap because of speed?)
    Any efficiency increases for moving materials with a trailer? (mulch, stone,etc.)
    What other uses are there that are efficient?
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    You would have to be very careful maneuvering on a lawn with a four wheeler because they will tear up the yard if they are turned very deep. Just something to think about.
  4. Dig-it Landscaping

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    mine plows great but you definataly have to have 4x4. it will pull anything because it has high, low, and super low. thats one thing arctic cat does right. in super low 4 th gear top speed is less than 5 mph. it should pull any thing you want just be careful on turns. they will pull good i hooked a ford ranger 92 and drug it all around on grass i really like mine. maybe someday i'll get a honda
  5. LawnBoy89

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    Yea you really have to be careful on the lawn. The reason I say this is because the treads on the tires aren't really made for not digging up, they are meant TO dig up. So you might want to do something with the tires. Also, the reason they really dig it up when you turn is because the rear wheels on normal quads are going the same exact speed/distance, no matter what. So when you turn, the inside wheel is going to turn up some grass, atleast that is what my quad does. Other then being careful around turns and not turning sharp, a quad could have alot of great purposes.

    I also highly recomend 4X4 for the snow. If you are going to spend money then go the little extra for the 4X4. There are many great utility quads out there. If I were you I would probably stick to Honda or Arctic Cat, but they really are all great.
  6. Metro Lawn

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    We have several 4x4 quads. All are Polaris and all do a great job plowing. The automatic trans is great too. We use many pull behind tools with them as well. He have installed eletric spreaders on them as well as a 25 gall tank and a spray boom. Great item and a good write off.
  7. jbell113

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    I have a 4 wheeler that I tow an aerator behind with and it works great.
  8. J&R

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    i have a honda 450es foreman. i use it for just about everything you mentioned. it will pull a plugger anywhere, no problems pulling a spreader. pushes a reasonable amount of snow well. (6 or 7 inchesis nothing). stay with the stock tires and you wiil not tear up any turf. mine sits around alot but when i need it it is a real backsaver..... p.s. 4 wheel drive is a must.
  10. dvmcmrhp52

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    Gopher, Thanks, good info as usual.

    Jplawnservice, yup tearing up turf is a concern, one model does have a "turf" mode that unlocks the rear differential to only drive 1 wheel (in 2 wheel drive)for just that reason.

    Dig it landscaping, having pulling power is an important issue to me.

    Lawnboy89,again turf tearing is a concern and maybe a unit with unlocking rear differential is the key.....still researching.

    Metro, I do like the polaris.

    Jbell, thanks.

    J&R, I might be interested,but georgia is a bit of a ride for me....Thanks for the offer.

    Clay, thanks I expect them to sit as well, but when needed I expect them to earn their keep.....

    Thanks for the replies everyone.

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