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Discussion in 'Employment' started by scagchevy4life, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. scagchevy4life

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    I have around 55 lawns in a community.. I have a couple choices... i can sell my buisness to a local guy who i know will take in a heart-beat.. But what can i expect to get paid. I have liek 4 years experince basically running a buisness and all the machinery myself.. would it be worth to sell out.. then get a job working for someone else.. or stay where i am.. and try to get more lawns for myself????
    PLz help me in my situation with a few words of advice?
    Thanks alot
    Gabe c.
  2. palawnman

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    Why are you considering selling? Is someone offering you that much money that you feel is worth it? Because if you are considering selling why would you want to work for someone else doing the same thing, but making alot less money. Are you not profiting in your business? I am sorry if I am asking alot of questions, but I am just trying to understand why you would consider selling and still staying in this field. I definitely could understand if you want to sell and change occupation, thats a different story...

  3. nocutting

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    Hi Gabe, Maintance alone isnt worth very much............Do you expect an employer to pay you more than you are making now?.......Surely not verrry likely.......I believe the rest is very private and personal, not something I'd want to discuss on an open forum....E-me at homelyhal@yahoo.com, if you want some confidential advice-regards Saxon:usflag:
  4. scagchevy4life

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    im just trying to figure out how much. I am acually making out pretty well.. i am coming out very good.. i just dont think i have the organizational skill in me to keep a business of such size and demension going. Is there anyone that had or has this kinda problem?

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