40 acre park bid


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kansas city, MO
What do you guys think...?

40 acre park, trim biweekly, very hilly, but could do 95% with Z...trim 8-10hrs.
never did anything this big

i am bidding on it and figure i'm gonna get lowballed...whats the word guys?


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I bid on 36 acres of park district this spring, 1250 per week, bi weekly trimming and sidewalk edging. There were 7 bids total, 1705 was the highest, the lowest was 675. Next lowest was 1150. I had a hard time swallowing the 1250 a week that I bid, but I did and got low balled badly. Hope this helps.


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windsor, ontario
if there is very little trimming, one ztr with at least a sixty inch deck at $50 bucks an hour, 18 hrs around $900


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Flint, Michigan
That's funny that areas like this have come up so frequently on these sites, lately. Around here, any larger acreage goes for 20 bucks per acre. Oarks, schools, municipalities. It doesn't matter. For this particular one, 40 acres = $800..


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My bid is $12 per acre = $480 mow. (Normal per acre charge is $15 unless over 15 acres).
With me on my mower = 6.66 hrs mowing = $72 per hr.

Trim at 8 hrs x $40 per hr = $320 divided by 2 with biweekly trimming - $160 per week

Total = $480 + $160 = $640

Maybe you did not get lowballed, ---- Just maybe the other guy has efficient equipment.


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Mendota, IL
Our local town put the high school yard up for bid last year and it is 40-50 acres all together. A guy came in and got it for $600 and from what I heard the next highest bid was around $1500. I talked to the superintendent and he indicated that they won't be using the same guy again this year because of shotty work. Generally you get what you pay for.


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