$40 for 1.5 acre

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shade tree landscaping, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. shade tree landscaping

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    I went this morning and did an estimate for weekly lawn care. The property was just about 1.5 acres, mostley flat and open, no fence, no pool, no swingsets ect. I bid $65 a week, which even at that I felt was a fair price, he sends me back an email saying he was looking to be more at $40 a week!!! I couldnt belive what I was reading! I replied telling him that there was no way I could do it for that low, and that he should check the references and insurance cert of anyone who says they can. Just had to vent, alot of people are expecting something for nothing these days!!!
  2. SilverPeakServices

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    I'm with you, $65 seems fair, but $40? No way. Sounds like he is price shopping. No legitimate LCO will do it for $40.00. Good luck!
  3. david shumaker

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    I get $40.00 for yards half that size or less. I think you were right.
  4. CCC52

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    I'd go around $65 myself.

    Considering this "mostley flat and open, no fence, no pool, no swingsets ect." There's a large, rather unscrupulous outfit in my parts that would probably put their two man ZTR crew on there for $40-45...:rolleyes:
  5. ALC-GregH

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    I can't see how any company can put 2 guys on a job that size and even come close to breaking even?
  6. CCC52

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    No kidding! All I can say is they got one lawn I hated to mow and I've been there while they mowed (I managed to keep the landscape work). Amazing waste of resources, it's their only cut along that stretch. I actually tried to explain cutting peremiters so they'd stop grassing the mulched beds to death but I end up cleaning up after them...for a fee. My price was $70, there's was $45. The customer couldn't resist the yearly savings even though I consider their work sub-standard.

    Name brand outfit, been around a good 20+ years too?:confused:
  7. Think Green

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    what is the cutting width on you machine's?
    Fom what I am seeing on this site is speed-speed-speed and getting it done quickly.
    Does this guy want it bagged, or just mow and go?

    I bid em like that but try not to compromise quality. IF he doesn't want to pay 65.00 for top quality then give him mediocre quality for 50.00

    " A man will always negotiate the price.......no matter what the price is!"
    -Mark Twain
  8. topsites

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    I have to wonder here...
    And I'm not calling anyone a liar, but because of the sheer number of these like threads...

    How do you know it's 1.5 acres of lawn?
    And, do you know the sq.ft'age of an acre?
  9. grasschopperofchicago

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    if you are talking a flat piece of ground with little or no obstacles, how long can that take you to cut?...maybe I am wrong, but with a 60inch ZT Dixie rated at 6.5 acres per hour, I would guess 20 minutes or so not seeing the property, but I have a 1.5 acre parcel with NO HOUSE on it, commercial land with nothing on it not one obstacle...I can cut it in 15 minutes charge is $50 no trim on it...blow up from street if I get any on there, which I usually don't
  10. shade tree landscaping

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    I run 42" walkers, I didnt mesure it to see if it was 1.5 acres, I eye balled it, It was def over 1 acre but under 2. <------ I know that comment is gonna make me hear alot of sh*t!! Point is though for 40, theres no way that anyone who is legit can turn a profit on that! Weather its a solo guy or someone with 5 72"ztrs out there!

    THINKGREEN I don't do medicore work, its top quility or I dont do it! I'm not going to put my name and rep on something that is gonna look bad in the end!

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