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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Man of La., Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Green Man of La.

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    A buddy of mine asked me to bid on a little more than 400 acres where he works. This is way out of my league both in current equipment and knowledge of estimating anything larger than a residential property. The specs on the bid describe the turf in 3 ways: improved grounds, semi-improved grounds and unimproved grounds. Improved grounds are to be well maintained at all times; as far as semi-improved grounds I question if a bush hog is whats needed or is that only for the unimproved grounds? If cost of equipment was not an issue, what pieces of equipment would be best?
  2. dkeisala

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    400 acres - I'd let it go. Talk about biting off more than you can chew.
  3. qualitylandscaping

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    I got asked to bid 2,000 acres for next season.. Gonna be tough to come up with a solid price on it, but I'll add another crew or two and send them to work!

    400 acres.. Shouldn't be too bad, just figure out how much your costs are per hour and charge hourly...
  4. youngdude

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    2,000 acres???Bush Hoging it or regular basis?

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have to agree- that's quite a jump from residentials. But if you're still looking at it, I'm sure a bush hog would come in handy somewhere on it. I'm not sure, but would "unimproved" mean basically that you leave it alone, just a natural area? I'd make certain what they expect exactly before you submit a bid.
  6. qualitylandscaping

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    Regular basis.. Weekly mowing, no trimming or blowing except in the main area (entrance, hotel, around the Marina, etc).. Its a huge resort/conference center.. About 1/4 would be full service and the rest is the campground and sports fields (mowing only)...
  7. grasssin

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    2,000 acres?!?! You would definitely have to have two dedicated crews just mowing that on a continual basis!!!

    That cannot be just the grass to be cut can it? Is the 2,000 including all hard surfaces, buildings etc etc etc that the compound sits on?
  8. Richard Martin

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    Even the 400 ares requires special consideration. For starters you're going to need at least two $30,000 15' mowers. One with finish mowers and one with rough cut mowers. In order to buy mowers like that you need a lot of room on your credit report or a signed contract. Make sure you can pay the mowers off within the timespan of the contract.
  9. Runner

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    Also, how much acreage is there of each? How rough? How much trimming? How far to travel? Are the areas cwithin a close proximity of each other? Is there storage onsite for all the equipment? What are the expectations of the owners? What else needs to be maintained? Ditches? How long is the contract? See, there are just WAY too many factors to consider, to be able to even come CLOSE to any projections. This sounds like it may be a school systyem that happens to have alot of bushhogging, or an airport or something.
  10. Mikes Lawn Landscape

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    Your kidding right ?:confused:

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