400 fliers with estimates on them

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jordanfan20, May 18, 2009.

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    That's great but when you start out with price, that's the only thing they will remember. They won't remember how jordan truely cares about their landscaping and yard. How knowledgeable he is, or how many years experience he has. They will remember he wrote $50 on the paper with his business name. When the next company comes around and leaves a flier with $40, the home owner is going to call them up and ask when they can come out. Because after all they remembered what price they paid and that's what sold them.

    Theres customers out there that want the best company in the area. You have to sell them on how you are the best. Provide brochures, pictures of your work, discuss what you can do for them. You don't have to hand out the brochures, go up and talk to them and sell them on your business. Be proud, professional, and politely confident. After you get done showing them what you can do, leave a business card and tell them to keep you in mind, (whether they are interested or not). Keep your prices high, and sell on how much of a professional company you have. Sell on price, and you will fighting for who can do the job for the cheapest. Cheap does not sell, only way the customer will be satisfied with price is if you paid them to get the job.
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    Around here, most people are looking at the price. Don't really care about your knowledge. When I tell people that went to school for horticulture they really don't have a clue what that means. They just want to know how much it will cost and if I am going to clean the property bu egding and blowing.

    The price sells around here. So many guys with a pick up truck and a mower around here.
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    You are not targeting the right customers then. Find customers that want the best company.

    Sounds like you are competing with the low ballers and hacks.

    I know I'm coming off rude, but it's the truth. That's the only way you will have a successful company.
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    It's worked great for me. 2 years of 2.5k fliers all with the price on them based on square footage of their lot. Have gotten a 1% response rate on mowing fliers and 3% response on snow removal fliers. And like whoop said, when they call it's to sign up. Up to 60 weekly accounts in our second year with referrals, Craigslist, website etc.
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    I understand your point , and I do agree, but on the other hand, this is not a mac vs dell industry and I have to also agree with the other points. My customers do not care about all of the SCAGS, EXmarks etc I have running around, that is my preference to have the quality and endurance, but a murray mower in someones station wagon will cut the same yard....So in some respects, targeting with a price will work......Personally, I have gained and lost many customers over the last 18 years, and I have also maintained over 60 of the same "targeted" customers which you are referencing..These are loyal and relationship bound customers and yes, you are correct that these are the most "comfortable" ones to attain. But in the end the majority of people today are "financially" minded and we must compete for accounts in different ways at different times.......Whatever works for each individual area should suffice and it is a matter of choice which way the business owner targets his audience and creates his or her strategy...Word of mouth and referencinghas been my largest advertisement and it never cost me a cent......Anyway, good points on both sides...That is what this forum is for.....Thanks, ET
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    In a area that we service a pickup truck with 2 guys rolled through and put fliers on all the mailbox flags. They never got out of the truck and priced every yard at $30. Some of these yards are over 22,000 square feet. I emailed them to verify that they do indeed mow 22,000 square feet for $30, but they never responded! I now give their name out for every biweekly or "seasonal" mowing call I get! Those that admit they are just looking for a cheap price also get their name. Be interesting to see how long they last.
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    cant you get fine for putting them on the mail box?
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    I think that depends on the ordinances in your particular area, but I am not sure....I just spend the money and send them with postage...People are sure to open a letter with their address on it. You can do the postcard thing as well, and the postage is a lot cheaper...I did that one time and got 13 accounts out of 400 postcards....not a bad percentage......But I targeted the lawns specifically.....Spent some time riding around and writing down addresses of homes that looked in need of lawn care.....then inputed all of the addresses in the computer and printed address labels and put them on a postcard I designed.....It did work.....ET
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    400? it is nothing... I did around 5000 last year and got 50+ customers. This year I did 500+ and got 4 or 5 new customers. Lets say in here with a good prices you can get 1 customer per 100 flyers. works all the time.
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    It is ABSOLUTELY illegal and yes if some one will call you will get busted! they rarely call though

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