400 foot hose w/ our ride-on's

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 3, 2009.

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    We have two of these units. They spread & spray an effective pattern of over TEN feet at 5 mph. Available pounds of dry fert per day = more than 4 TONS. Available gallons of herbicide = more than 1200 GALLONS.

    I'm talkin' just one pickup truck w/a ride-on sprayer-spreader unit (with the aid of our others trucks in the area).

    No trailer to pull. No large truck either.

    Plus this ride-on can treat small 2000 s/f lawns or 20 acre properties whenever it's needed in the "same day in the same route".

    Just thought I would provide this info in case anybody is curious or thinking about comparing stuff.

    If anyone wants to see pics, rscvp. Thanks. :usflag:
  2. EVM

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    When it rains on the ride on spreaders can you watch them rust?

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Only on the non-stainless steel parts...Oh wait, that's most of it:laugh:
  4. Az Gardener

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    What is this thing you call "rust"? And rain... what is this rain?
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    It is more economical to use one large truck than to use several small trucks for such a large route. There is no savings in fuel, insureance or maintance in running multiple small trucks versus one large truck. If your nor using the large truck capacities, then that is a different story. 1200 gals out of a pickup is not going to happen though.
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    Are you saying that you can go though 4 pallets of fert a day and 1200 gallon of water with 2 T's?

    At 1/3 gallon tips 1200 gallon would equal 82 acres
    At 1/4 gallon tips 1200 gallon would equal 110 acres
    4 Ton of fert would equal 68 acres

    Why would you be able to spray more then dry fert?
    Why wouldn't your numbers be closer?
    I can see 2 machines spreading 68 acres easily...but not spraying 82 acres and no way 110 acres.

    Doesn't you machine have 1/4 tips? I thought they came standard...and if so, how do you cover 110 acres considering you can ONLY spray like 64K/fill.

    If you are using 1200 gallons a day...that means between your two machines (16 gallon tanks) you would fill aprox 75 times w the 1/4 gallon tips! You said you can load in 4 minutes...but that alone is 5 hours of fill time not counting transport to the truck and moving the truck!

    Are you sure your numbers are correct??????

    I can't do that with my Z and I fill under 1/2 as much as you would!
  7. ted putnam

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    Anyone ever see that movie "Willy Wonka" with Gene Wilder? Remember the loud, know-it-all little boy that was always interrupting and was so abrasive and irritating. He always had to be the center of attention.....Rodney, I'm sure those numbers aren't skewed at all. By the way, he can also piss further than anyone else...
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    I believe the T is set to spray about 20 gal/acre. 1200 gal would be about 60 acres. I was wondering about those numbers myself. Was it for one machine or two. At 5 mph at 10 foot spacings your are covering 6.1 acres/hr. With fill and turning time you are probably down to 3 acres/hr.

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  10. rcreech

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    I am pretty sure that the T will cover something like 64K...so that should be 1.4 acres/fill...but I could be wrong! That would be 10.8 gallons/ac by my calcs.

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