$400/hour - thanks TURFCO

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by americanlawn, Nov 1, 2010.

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    That's what I tried to teach guys at TGCL when I was there years ago. To be a big producer like I was, it's not what you do on the job, it's what you do between the jobs where you make up a lot of time. Proper routing. Pre assembled flags and stakes, not stopping for a pop every five jobs and not calling the GF all day. Lunches? Forget it.

    The "job" or landscapes take a certain amount of time depending on what you are using to do the work. That's not going to change much.

    Unless you're cutting corners.
  2. Young Bros

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    Way to go Larry! I'm sure the T would have helped us not be so far behind this year. Someday...
  3. americanlawn

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    None of us eat lunch during work. Most we'll do is stop 2 or 3 times a day to take a leak & get a cold drink. Otherwise, we're consistently busting butt during our routes. Only one time this year did anybody (except me) work more than 40 hours a week. I plot their routes, gas up the units, and fill their trucks each morning so they can head to their routes within minutes of clocking in. But I never mind if they drink coffee, smoke a cig, or shoot the bull with the rest of the guys before they head out. I try not to be a slave-driver. :laugh: I might also mention that all trucks carry a blower so they can blow off excess granules. Nuther thing: all three T3000 operators had previous years experience with other ride-on brands.

    Young Bros -- I'm sure we'll have a 2008 T for sale next fall, and it has your name on it. :) We'll see.

    Time change this Saturday night. Mark your calendars. Larry :waving:

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    Good job larry, the machine has some to do with the production...but management is a bigger factor, (routes and time management).....dont let this complement go to your head!!!:laugh:
  5. JD2320

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    Tiz the benefit of an enclosed trailer. No leak stops to slow me down. But I did pee in my measuring cup the other day when starting out in the am at my first job, went to put my rubber boots on and had set the pee cup on the workbench. Forgot to empty it in the road and realized my mistake at the next job with pee all over my floor!

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    Thanks jasontimm -- I still feel like a slave driver sometimes. I persanally fill the trucks, remove shrink wrap off new fert pallets for the next day, clean up the warehouse after the guys leave, fill my truck & organize my own route, and check to see if there are any service calls & estimates that came in. I end up leaving about an hour later than the rest of my guys. Seems to work. I end up working 1 - 2 hours later than everybody else weekdays, and I always work weekends just to catch up on stuff and plan the upcoming week. This kinda pisses me off cuz I work 15 - 20 hours more per week compared to my guys. Yet I also realize this is what it takes if one runs his own business. We operate like the "Kinight od the Round Table" -- nobody is better that anybody else. We're all equal. I don't care if you only have one employee.

    JD2320 -- Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, cuz you ain't the only one for sure. Those port-a-potties in new housing developments come in handy too.

    ChemLawn did a study back in the early 80's: Number one complaint from employees: NOT ENOUGH TIME OFF to enjoy life. I never forgot that, as I remembver working over 80 hours some weeks in Dallas.
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    Isn't Agrium in Wisconsin? If so, probably a Badger fan, and we don't like em right Larry?
    Yes we are bitter about that el pointo loss.

    Also, Larry your guys SHOULD be eating something during work. That is too much on the body to put in no calories all day when you are burning so much off. I do have an option that I go to when I am out and about and need good calories - I can fill you in on it if you want.
  8. americanlawn

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    Not sure where Agrium's headquarters is located, but nearly all the fert they sell to us comes direct from E.C. Grow (Eau Claire, Wisconson). So when we receive a truckload, I make sure to give the (Wisconson) truck driver the "what's up"..........."You just entered the HAWKEYE State, and we shoot badgers on site". :laugh: Most of them say they are (fudge) Packer fans and do not follow college football. :confused:

    A friend in Winterset, IA called this morning asking if we had a used T3000 for sale. He started his business a year ago or so, so he would prefer not to buy a new one. Told him we would not sell another T until next fall, and the one we recently sold was $3750 (Milwaukee, Wisconson).

    Finally, the HAWKEYES outplayed the badgers, but we lost cuz of stupid mental errors. I've seen Ohio State vs IOWA football tickets sell for $425 per seat on ebay. That game should be interesting.

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    Soo...your grossing somewhere between 50-100k per week ?...on lawn chemicals?...lol
  10. americanlawn

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    mdlwn1 -- If that were the case, I'd be living in a beach home in the Virgin Islands by now. :laugh:

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