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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by n2h20, Oct 22, 2008.

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    so i got a call the other day for a pond that is a basically a run off basin. this pond stays full all year, has years of debris in the pond. has no pump or filtration or aeration of any sort,, no plants and many many many fish of various types,, blue gill, minnows and some other small types, the customer would like to liven it up for the summer months. i think a pump and filter are out of the question due to its size.
    what do you guys who have large pond use to keep it clear?
    i was thinking of using horse trough type containers through out the pond to plant multiple types of plants, bottom aeration as well as a fountain of some sort. how is this equipment installed? do i have to drain the whole thing to install it all? i dont really think that is an option. we are in So Cal and water is scarce and not cheap.

    the customer knows this is above my usual scope of work, and is willing to work with me,,,

    any ideas would help.
    please dont suggest water dyes.....

    thanks in advance..

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    There is always a solution to every problem.
    There are several things that need to be known before proceeding in clarifying this pond. What is the surface area? What is the maximum depth?
    What is the source of its water besides run-off? SoCal is usually fairly dry, I believe, so for it to remain full year round it must have a natural source of water. Does it have an outlet, natural or man-made?

    An aerator will be beneficial provided that it draws from the bottom of the pond. Why use planting containers of any type? Do your planting directly in the pond soil. There are Bacteria mixes available that will do wonders on a neglected pond. You might also want to test the Alkalinity to make sure it is above 20.
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    thank you for replying tadpole/..

    surface area... 2500 sq. feet.
    50 x 50 x 24
    the sides are real steep, not only that but they are cement, this is a cement holding pond.
    the run off is from a few houses above the pond, hillside seepage, gutters etc. there is a way to fill it but im not sure if the client is worried about filling it up.. i think with the whopping 3"s of rain we get and the run off it stays fairly full. or with a few feet of the top,
    from what i gathered the pond is like a cone shape... steep sides except for one area that is not as steep but still steep.
    again it is all concrete so thats why i suggested the tubs for plants,, or maybe even some concrete block planters cemented in place.

    there is a small 4" outlet or over flow on the pond that drains off the side of her hill... this needs to be addressed as well.
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    If I am reading your post correctly, this "holding pond" is 24' deep. This would indicate that over half of the water volume is anaerobic. With this condition, the first order of business is to aerate from the bottom, if possible.
    You might think about calling Aquatic Eco-systems, Inc. They have a free tech support phone number (1-407-598-1401). They will advise you on the best aeration equipment configuration for this pond.

    As to the plants, check into the floating island planters (www.FreedomPonds.com). I would think that they would be ideal.
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    hey tapole,, thanks for the reply. i fell off the planet for awhile.,, late reply)
    thanks for the number,

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