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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bohiaa, Mar 18, 2009.

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    holy CRAP you guys !!!!

    I know most of you dont do State contracts, here's one I will probuly end up with. "Knowing my luck"

    I kno, I kno. I said I would n't do it again, and the state is starting to
    LOW ball. However I can still pay my guys an OK ammount

    it's 41 days at $113,242.80. that's about 62 miles of mowing a day.

    except sat and sun. so about 8 miles a day.
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    Do you have to pay a state wage to your help those days? Here in wisconsin we would have to pay them with any state work. Just wondering if you need to? Our wage is around $21 an hour if it is state mowing work.
  3. bohiaa

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    NO, however we do have a limit on the short end.

    still at 21.00 we can bring in aroudn 2 to 3 G, a day.

    of corse that's NOT take home. on state contracts we try to stay around 10,000.00 a week.
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    I just found out the other day that Washington Gas (natural gas pipe lines) opened up the bidding on 63 miles of pipe line that needs to be cut once a year. It hasn't been cut in 5 years so small trees, downed trees and field grass all need to be cleared out by April 5th! I can't see how that will be possible unless the bidder has 10-20 employee's and equipment out the azz. NONE of the cutting can be done with a finish mower. It will ALL need to be bush hogged as well as chain sawing the saplings down and clearing the right of way. Some of it runs right through farmers property and through a bunch of creeks and streams over cliff like areas. The last bid 5 years ago was $280K. My friend that works there told me about it and said they took a bid of $163K to do it! How can anyone make money when the work HAS to be finished by the 5th of April? I bet they don't get it done in time. That's 2-3 weeks to clear 63 miles of very rough terrain. I'm not talking about state roads that you can just ride all day on a tractor. I'm talking hard to get to limited access areas. He also said that alot of the area will need a track loader to knock some of the trees down. Nothing has to be removed, just pushed back to open the right of way for service.
  5. bohiaa

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    Not sure about the Gas co. But sometimes contracts "with the state anyway"
    are king of unrealistic, there may or may not be a grace period. Like you I dont see how someone could do this is a short ammount of time.
    also with state contracts we have to work "there hours " meaning NO holiday work, NO day labors, safety Jsckets, sgines, and such.
    it's a shame But there are a TON of people out there just waiting for the state to slip up so they can sue them.

    Also you may can file an extenshion on that contrat. But ya wanna watch for a fine. for not completed on time, and or bounues for early completion.
    I know the power co. contracts out a ton of work, they will need land cleared before they run lines.

    Best of luck

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