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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Littleriver1, Feb 8, 2004.

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    Separating you from your money is why I am here
    Making yards green is not what it appears
    Put down fertilizer just like your doggie
    Open your wallet and get my huggie
    Turn on the sprinklers turn up the pressure
    One third of you grass I’ll take with great pleasure
    All the posies red, yellow and white
    Let go of that dollar you’re holding too tight
    We work so hard, hide from the sun
    That sweet little blond her mascara will run
    We shovel your mulch we dig in your dirt
    Write that check I’m sure it won’t hurt
    We bag the leaves we bag the grass
    Watch my helper while I sit on my ass
    We sweep the walk and leave it so clean
    Over in the shade is where I will lean
    Your children are stupid and they are dumb
    I’ll have there tuition before I am done
    You sit on the deck sipping ice tea
    I’m over in the bushes taking a pee
    I measured the yard and the irrigation is charted
    I’m in the 250 my helper just farted
    Prices come easy some are so hard
    I’ll give you a call here is my card
    You’re on the balcony and watching the sun set
    At my shop chugging beer I’m loosing a bet
    Some are happy with little some with a lot
    Only God knows who is and who’s not
    I saw a little scrub and a big one too
    Think I should tell them the money they blew?
    I wish them happiness and some success
    This business is tuff and with such stress
    The banker just called the credit is due
    I just quit smoking pass me a brew
    The wife is screaming the kids need new shoes
    All that was green is turning to blues
    Hang tuff, be strong and standing tall
    I love what I do and I’m having a ball
    If the sun would just shine I’m sure it will happen
    Is there a knock at the door or just the raven tappin?
    The end of these sayings never will be
    Some new comer is here his problems we’ll see
    Help him we can help him we must
    Before it is over we’ll all be just dust
    Don’t take yourself serious
    Crack one open with us
    God bless the one to whom I flipped the bird today
  2. jaybird

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    very good, i like it.
  3. MOW ED

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    Now that is Unique!

    Almost worth framing.

    Thanks for the laugh!

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