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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Acute Cut, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Acute Cut

    Acute Cut LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ok guys, here is the deal. Next month i am buying a Dingo 420. It is the machine that works best for what i need it for. Now i am working on making my wish list for accessories. I will be subbing myself out to other contractors alot so the more varied i am the better. What would yall suggest getting and what would you suggest i not get. Here are my thoughts on what i am planning on getting so far. (Hopefully)

    Dingo 420 (new)
    10K Trailer, used one year
    One standard bucket
    One Narrow bucket
    One Auger power head
    9" Head
    30" Head
    Roto Darion
    Anbo 35" Grapple Rake (Maybe-2500$ :dizzy: )
    The forkster platform
    That's it

    Curious about the boom, the hydro blade and the back hoe. I will be demoing alot to decide what i want but i figured i would ask the experts first.
    (Yes i DO want the dingo. No a skid steer would be useless for my applications. Thanks for ya'lls time.)
  2. D Felix

    D Felix LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I would suggest a 12 and an 18" auger bit as well as what you have. It's kinda hard to fit a 6x6 into a 9" hole and have enough room to move it around for final adjustment.

    If you could only have one of the three (9, 12, or 18), I'd go with the 12.

    How much $$$ is the Roto-Darion?

    Is there much demand for a vibrating plow? What about stump grinding? I could see the need for a boring attachment too...

    Oh, the 420 will swing a 36" auger, you just have to be a little more careful about it!:)

    I realize it all comes down to the bottom line, so do you have access to other attachments for rent? If not, I realize you've decided on the Dingo, but I'd be looking harder at an MT52, they've got a standard skidsteer mount, unlike a Dingo.....

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  3. bnl

    bnl LawnSite Member
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    I agree with Felix, Go for an Auger head in the 12" to 15" range either in addition to or in place of the 9". I have the 15" and the 30" and am able to do a lot with that combination. There is just a lot of room between the 9" and the 30" that you may be able to do more with something in between. The only time I really use a 9" is putting in fence posts, which is not all to often, and I just rent that bit real cheap for a day or two at the time for that. It may be that your requirements will justify the 9" more than mine I realize, so you may want the 9" for that reason. Also, the trencher may come in useful if you are getting a lot of sub-contract jobs. I didn't think i would need the trencher being that I am not doing irrigation, but have found that it is very useful to have in order to pick up drainage jobs, and make them go quick. But if you go with the trencher, you will then need the blade or something to backfill.....adding to the cost of the attachments i realize. Anyways, I think the Dingo is a good choice. I have been very happy with mine. Good Luck.
  4. bnl

    bnl LawnSite Member
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    Oh, and also.... You will love the rota-darion for the dingo! And Felix, the price for the Rota Darion was HIGH at around $5000. But, it has been a very useful attachment and probably one of my most used.
  5. bottlefed89

    bottlefed89 LawnSite Member
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    WEll, I realize you are getting the dingo, but just to share my experience, I used the ditch witch version(not sure which model) a couple weekends ago and a 420 last weekend, and I have to say that the d/w felt a lot better to me. I defenitely liked the dingo controls better, but the tracks on the d/w were a lot better, and a lot less damaging, and performed a ton better in mud. It carried a heavier load, and it felt a lot better balanced all of the time. I would look into it if I were buying one. That said, I'm sure you shopped around, just letting you know my experiences...

    Seems like the backhoe attachment would be great for small wall installs, but I'd doubt their heavy enough for any serious digging, I'd be interested in hearing an opinion from someone who's used one.
  6. Acute Cut

    Acute Cut LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well, my demo is almost up here. I have most of what i want figured out. Now i am just trying to think of a few different options. Hoping to get some opinions here.

    To Backhoe or wait to get a mini. The lack of movement on this backhoe is a little bit of a pain.Thoughts?

    To get a harley rake AND a rotodarion or just a rotodarion. I admit i have not used a harly rake, but as i have gone through some rocky ground lately (almost dang near pit run, :angry: ) i am wondering if the harly rake wouldnt be a bit helpful. Thoughts?

    If i dont get the backhoe i can get the 6 way blade and ONE other attachment. Not much snow here so no worry as far as all that goes. I could do stump grinding but i really dont want to. Maybe later if things are too slow, but i would rather stay in the landscape genra (sp?) vs the tree market. I know the two are connected but.......... bah! I JUST DONT WANNA DO IT! lol.

    I am hoping to get some input here as i am supposed to finalize this deal either monday or tuesday. Thanks guys
  7. Tony Clifton

    Tony Clifton LawnSite Senior Member
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    How about a trencher? Thats the main reason we will be getting a dingo is because of the trencher attachment along with the auger.
  8. D Felix

    D Felix LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Auger with 12, 24 (maybe), and 30" bits

    Those are what I would consider a necessity for a Dingo.

    Depending on who you are subbing to (are you still planning on that?), I'd consider:
    Vibratory plow
    Boring attachment
    Harley rake or Rotodarion

    I don't think I'd worry too much about the backhoe attachment. You are severely limited on digging depth and reach with one. I've never run a backhoe attachment on one, but it can't be any more than about 8' of reach and probably ~5' of depth. Not to mention the fact that manuverability (from the seat) is limited as well. If you can't handle it with the trencher, go get a mini-ex. That'll be a LOT less frustrating!

    As for the Harley/Rotodarion, that's entirely up to you. I can't see how both would be twice as good as one or the other, so demo both and see which you'd rather have....

    Good luck.

  9. pokemon

    pokemon LawnSite Member
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    I am also trying to decide which way to go as well. I have demoed the Bobcat Mini Skid and looked at the ASV RC 30, and Toro Dingo

    The main reason I will be getting a Bobcat MT52 is because of the trencher attachment. I do mainly Irrigation / Sprinkler installs and occasionally will do some SOD, Landscaping I also subed out my grading work which is about $150- $300/month.
    I have rented Ditch Witch Trenchers 1020, 1230, and 1330 several times per week rental cost between $110 and $148 per day. what I paid for rental I can own a machine for a lot less per month. After several months of research finally I will be getting a new machine in about two weeks.

    1 Like the fact it has a diesel engine Kubota 18hp
    2 The dealer is close about 15 miles
    3 The controls are easy to handle
    4. The machine fits in the back of my truck ( Isuzu NQR with a fold up hydraulic ramp no PIA trailer to back up :dizzy: )

    Some options I will be getting are
    1. Ride on Plat form
    2. 36" mini construction/ industrial bucket
    3. Trencher
    4. Stump Grinder ( We recently had four hurricanes here in Florida)

    My wish list

    1 One Auger power head 9" , 12” , 18" , 36" auger bit
    2 Pallet forks for transporting material
    3. Anbo 35" Grapple Rake Grapple Rake for moving difficult materials

    4. Rotadarion for preparing the ground for seeding and beds and for mixing fertilizer into the soil

    5. MT52 Mini Track Loader Utility Blade Attachment for back filling trenches.

    I welcome any suggestions however the salesman already tried to talk me into a bigger machine such as S130 S160 and a S185 with HVAC sweet machine which I am seriously considering its about the same price as the MT52 with attachments. Thats why I come to this board to get some unbiased input from the PRO'S.
  10. Timi The Sod Lover

    Timi The Sod Lover LawnSite Member
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    As the title states Id like to know whether or not the Rota Darion/ Toro 23101 - Soil Cultivator is Universal? I have a Boxer 532DX and with the exception of some used and slightly old tracks we've had very minor and occasional issues with the Boxer. I am wondering if the attachment would fit my Boxer 532? I know the plate connection may very well be different but I'll have one fabricated if thats the only set back....

    Can anyone answer this question for me? If no one knows first hand here I'll likely be going to a Toro dealer eventually but thought I stop in and ask here first.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who knows


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