4200 PSI 4gpm? Newbie help!

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by CapeMay609, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. CapeMay609

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    Hey guys, I've been asked a good amount of times to pressure wash driveways and sidewalks. Enough times to try it out. Any way as of now I am only sticking with concrete and sidewalks.

    I've been looking at a 4200 psi 4gpm Generac pressure washer, I know I will need a surface cleaner also but I'm not doing McMansion neighbor goods. Just allot of small 1 car driveways.

    Anyways my question is, do you guys have an suggestions ? Tips? Thanks fellas
  2. stonny9

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    I'm no Pro but the standard should be a 13 horsepower Honda. Maybe you could get away with 11 horsepower with less pressure and Flow.
  3. ltdlawn

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  4. OP

    CapeMay609 LawnSite Member
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    I just can't find any good reviews on any pressure washers on YouTube. Bunch of videos of guys pressure washing but nothing on the equipment
  5. Dawson

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    When you're talking about 4000psi 4 gpm pressure washers there's only a few variables, the pump, the frame, direct drive or belt driven and the engine. The brand on the side of it isn't really that important. In fact the Simpson is rebranded by many different companies.

    The 13 horsepower Honda is commonly used for them and is a great choice, starts easy, plenty of power, and last forever.
    For the pump, if you want the best get one with a cat, cheaper ones will have a general pump or some other brand which are also good, I've just always heard that the cat pumps are the best and Cat must know that since their pumps cost noticeably more than competitors pumps.

    Belt drive is preferable but also more expensive.... if you ever plan to run a buffer tank you definitely want a belt drive pump as direct drive pumps will not pull water into the pump as well, they really need a pressurized water source.

    Then there's the frame, steel will work fine but will eventually rust out , aluminum frames will probably last forever.
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  6. Washing Raccoons

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    13 horsepower honda, I'd recommend you to look for used ones.
    It's good for start, it's easy to maintain
  7. Trickyputt

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    If I had 4000 psi on hand I would also sell drain cleanout services buy purchasing a sewer jet tip and 100ft or more of hose.
  8. caseysmowing

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    I have the 4200 generac and you'll need a good water supply to keep it happy. I'm not in the pressure washing biz but it's been a good one so far. I do have to run a pump to it because most places don't have enough water pressure to run it wide open.
  9. hal

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    I bought a Northern 4000/4gpm for 699.00, runs great.
  10. woodyboy

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