44' and 48' lazer hp

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AuburnGuy, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. AuburnGuy

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    This would not post on the exmark forum. What do you guys think?

    I have currently been looking at the 44 and 48' lazers for my business. I have a question of power and ultra vac ability. I need the ultra vac for a lot of leaves in the fall. Also, will either of these be underpowered in thick grass. I know the 48/21 would be better, but I need to be able to afford it also.



    The dealers i have talked to did not really know.
  2. BigDave

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    The Exmark forum is moderated, so your post won't show up there until it's approved by the moderator.

    For what it sounds like your needs are (thick grass and leaves), sorry to say, but I would highly recommend the 21hp.
  3. Potchkins

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    21/48 and a qds bagger
  4. MikeLT1Z28

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    i don't they think make the ultravac for the 44 do they? just a side mount 3 bushel bagger?
  5. brucec32

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    I have had both the 18 (twin) and 21 hp 48" hp's. The 18hp Kohler did fine except when mulching heavier grass. I would assume it would rob a lot of power with a bagger system. The 21hp/48" I have cost about $6800. The engine was a lemon and was replaced after about 100 hours, though.

    I would highly suggest that you consider mulching leaves. I quit bagging them a few years ago when I lived in Atlanta. The micro mulch system turns them to powder and it gives a quite acceptable look if you do it with proper frequency. Ideally one would mulch leaves, then do a final cleanup with a bagger, but that would require two mowers.

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