44" Quick Dually Samurai/elect.start/16hp kaw/ with step saver

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by trainerboy, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Ronniecoleman

    Ronniecoleman LawnSite Member
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    We want bikini models.
  2. trainerboy

    trainerboy LawnSite Member
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    I actually thought I had one talked into it but she backed out on me.

    Sorry guys.......nobody was more disapointed than me:hammerhead:

    Anyway, back to the walk behind.

    What in the world is going on with not having any takers, this is nuts. I know the product is good and I know the price is right. The economy has to come in play here but I've seen other mowers selling.

    What gives?????
  3. bryant lawn & landscape

    bryant lawn & landscape LawnSite Senior Member
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    Don't get discouraged. I sold two of my Quicks on this site recently. Of course, I didn't promise any bikini models or anything.

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