44" versus 52" versus 60"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tbillow, May 24, 2004.

  1. tbillow

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    Given that the cutting speed is the same what would be the approximate cutting time per acre for :


    Assume that 15 trees are spread out across the acre and it is not totally flat (some hills)

    I know it is a rough estimate but I have no idea what the time savings are across the different size decks

  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    go to any manuf. website.
    my gravely 44 z is rated at i think 5.8 acres per hour.>>NO WAY. i do a bumpy acre in about 40 minutes

  3. mowhigh

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    Since the larger deck will require fewer turns, but sacrifice some agility around trees, you can get a pretty good estimate from the deck proportions: the 52" should be 15-18% faster than the 44"; the 60" about 30-35% faster.
  4. Krimick

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    Exmark has a great chart on their website that lists the acres per hour for all of their deck sizes. For the three sizes you listed, they say, that at top speed and 100% effiency:

    44" = 3.56 acres/hour
    52" = 4.92 acres/hour
    60" = 7.27 acres/hour

    Ofcourse they are assuming that your on wide open, smooth land.

    You should really go to the exmark website and check out the chart. It lists all deck sizes and various speeds as well as 100% and 80% effiency.
  5. Krimick

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    Also, I run a 44" Exmark Lazer and while I don't keep track of my acres/hour regularly. I can say that I am more in the neighbourhood of 2 acres an hour.

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