440 w/range wings in orchard (wisconsin)

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by timo2le, May 2, 2005.

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    Looking for suggestions to use the 440 in the orchard as a somewhat "rough cut" mower. I chose the 440 vs. a Woods offset orchard mower since the 440 is self propelled and has a cab. Any suggestions for setting up the mower for this application? What blades to use, how many (stacked?). I installed bar tread tires since we are in the Hilly part of Wisconsin. The tires aren't magic though. I haven't determined if dragging the range wings is causing lost traction or is it lack of weight. In tough situations I've had to raise the wings to put more weight on the drive wheels to get moving again. I enjoy experimenting, but if somebody has developed the hot-setup for this application, I'm ready to listen. Also, does anybody have (1) carburetor kit for the Ford Variable Venturi carburetor. I have check all the normal and remote options, now I just hoping to find that (1) dealer that has a kit lying around.

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    The best blades you can use are the stock ones or the optional double sided blades that we offer for your mower, remember, there are left and right hand rotation blades on your mower.
    I have not heard of anyone using our wing mower in a orchard application before, maybe someone will post some specific tips for your application.
    As for the carb kit, I would call ford industrial, and get a list of there distributors, I am sure someone has a kit somewhere.


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