450/550 dump vs dump trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LawnGuy110, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. LawnGuy110

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    We are more than likely adding another dump trailer at this point, unless we find some really good deal on a 450/550 that is too good to pass up, but even if we did get a really good deal on one, we would probably still get another dump trailer. As it sits right now, we plan on adding a F350 regular cab and a dump trailer next season. We have a 6x12 dump trailer right now, as I said earlier in this thread, but I'm thinking that a 14 or 16 footer should be our next one. We can hold 10 yards of mulch in the 12 footer with the sides built up some, I'd be interested to see how much we could get in a 14 or 16 footer and still be legal.
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    Legal idk. But with 6 foot sides you can get 22 in a 16 lol
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  3. LawnGuy110

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    Yea, I mean even if we are right on the edge, if we could legally get 15 yards in a 16 footer, I would be happy. It would also be one hell of a leaf rig in the fall with 10 foot sides like we put on our other dump trailer in the fall

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